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Celebrities Hit the Road on Bikes

Aug 28 2013 - 5:13pm

Celebrities don't just get around in luxury cars and chauffeured limos — they also like to put their pedaling skills to the test on bicycles! From Jennifer Aniston [1] to Megan Fox [2], there are tons of stars who turn to a two-wheeled option, either while filming for a movie, fitting in exercise, or just having a bit of fun on the open road. Click through to see your favorites on bicycles, and if you're in the mood to get riding, then be sure to check out our guide on shopping for the best bicycle [3] for you.

Eva Longoria [4] biked around LA in August.

Chloë Sevigny [5] rented a Citibike for an August ride in NYC.

While in Montreal in August, Jennifer Lawrence [6] took a leisurely bike ride around the city.

Arnold Schwarzenegger [7] pedaled his way through LA back in April.

Serena Williams toured Madrid in May on a small bicycle.

In February, Elizabeth Banks wore heels and a short dress while filming a cycling scene for Walk of Shame in LA.

Miley Cyrus [8] and Liam Hemsworth were biking buddies in March 2010 when they rode around Toluca Lake, CA.

Woody Harrelson rode on the sidewalk in New Orleans back in March.

Pink and her daughter, Willow, hit up Venice Beach, CA, for a June bike ride.

In May, Jake Gyllenhaal [9] sped through the Big Apple.

In February, Cindy Crawford [10] got a workout on the streets of Malibu, CA.

Taylor Lautner [11] pedaled on a dirt path while filming Tracers in NYC this past June.

Doutzen Kroes put her legs on display during an August 2012 bike trip in Miami.

Penn Badgley [12] showed off his arms during a bike ride in NYC in August 2012.

In August, Heidi Klum [13] hit up the beach in LA on a bike.

In May, Megan Fox [14] filmed scenes for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in NYC.

Louis Tomlinson hit up London's bike-share program for an August 2012 ride.

In August 2011, Isla Fisher [15] rode a bike with her daughter Olive in the Big Apple.

Usher [16] was all smiles during a May LA bike ride.

Leonardo DiCaprio [17] took a spin around NYC with a pal in June 2013.

In August 2010, Joseph Gordon-Levitt rode a fixed-gear bike while filming Premium Rush in NYC.

Naomi Watts [18] hit up NYC on a bicycle in June.

Taylor Swift [19] looked prim and proper in October 2012 while cycling through Paris.

Will Arnett [20] pedaled his bicycle through NYC after a June 2012 trip to the grocery store.

Joe Jonas [21] sped through the Big Apple in May.

Liev Schreiber [22] went on an NYC bike journey with his son Kai in December 2012.

Shia LaBeouf [23] pedaled around Vancouver back in October 2011.

In November 2012, Al Roker rode his bike back from work in NYC.

Katy Perry [24] rode though Venice Beach, CA, with a friend in July 2012.

Leonard DiCaprio and then-girlfriend Erin Heatherton went on a bike tour of NYC in June 2012.

Orlando Bloom [25] looked like he was prepared for a serious ride in February in LA.

Alessandra Ambrosio was a picture-perfect cyclist for an October 2012 Victoria's Secret shoot in LA.

Jennifer Aniston [26] rode a pedicab in June 2009 while filming The Bounty Hunter in Atlantic City, NJ.

Olivia Wilde [27] and Jason Sudeikis pedaled through Miami in August 2012.

Jesse Eisenberg rode through NYC in May.

In June 2009, Robert Pattinson [28] sat on a bike while filming Remember Me in NYC.

Jake Gyllenhaal [29] walked his wheels around NYC in June 2013.

In February, Conan O'Brien [30] looked like a serious biker during a journey in LA's Brentwood neighborhood.

AnnaLynne McCord [31] hit the beach in LA on her yellow bicycle back in June.

Russell Crowe [32] made sure to wear a helmet for a June journey in LA.

Zayn Malik played around on a bike in Brussels back in May.

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