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Demi's Still Looking Like a Starlet

Jan 17 2008 - 10:32am

If Demi Moore is trying to prove that she's not too old to compete with Hollywood's young blood, she's definitely doing a good job of it by posing in a bikini for V [1] magazine. She may have had "some" work done, but she looks pretty damn good and certainly not her age of 45. In the article, Demi talks about everything from her family to Britney to trying to keep up the appearance of looking young. Here are highlights [2]:


To see what Demi had to say about her everyday life, just .

We've always been impressed at the great relationship [3] Bruce, Demi, and Ashton seem to have, and it sounds like this mom really does have it all together. As for getting older, back in September Demi complained about ageism in Hollywood [4], but these covers are likely to draw the attention of a producer or two. If not, at least Ashton has something hot to hang up on his wall.

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