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Is that Fergie on Seventeen?

May 5 2007 - 3:24pm

Dear Seventeen Magazine,

What happened to dear Fergie's face? That doesn't even look like Fergie. Is it a stand in? Wait, is that Brooke Hogan? I love me some Brooke Hogan, but I'm told I'm looking at Fergie. I'm confused.


But seriously, Fergs is a little unrecognizable in this shot, no? Anyway, moving on. I love to see Fergie on magazine covers, but they should totally have let her showcase those stems.

Fergs may not yet have proved herself a veritable movie star -- you know, Grindhouse didn't do so hot [0] -- but she's still churning out the hits and managing to look cute (well, most of the time [0]). So, unflattering covershots be damned.

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