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13 Reasons Jimmy Fallon Will Be One Rad Dad

Jul 25 2013 - 8:00pm

Jimmy Fallon is a dad [1]! He and wife Nancy Juvonen welcomed a daughter, Winnie Rose Fallon, on Tuesday, and the comedian took to his talk show, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, to gush about the baby, saying: "I’m the father of a beautiful baby girl. She's so cute!" While Winnie may be the first child for Jimmy, we're pretty sure he'll have no trouble adjusting to fatherhood. Whether he's dressed up in a chicken costume, hanging with Elmo and The Muppets, or having water fights with stars like Ryan Reynolds [2] and Robert Pattinson [3], Jimmy's shown that he's going to make one awesome dad, and we've got 13 solid reasons to prove it. Click through to see them all now!

He Loves to Sing (and Play Dress-Up)

Whether he's belting out tunes with Liv Tyler [4] for an '80s-era Star Search skit or jumping into a giant chicken costume to perform with his band The Chickeneers, Jimmy is amazing at getting into character — no matter what it takes. Winnie can likely look forward to lots of hilarious outfits and spot-on impersonations from her funny father (and let's not even get started on her first Halloween [5]!).

He Plays With His Food

Jimmy knows how to have a good time with food, especially with his celebrity guests on Late Night. He's encouraged food fights with stars like Lucy Liu [6] and Glenn Close on the show, so we're pretty sure he won't be fazed by flying mashed potatoes or crushed Cheerios.

He's Already Good at "Dad Dancing"

From the "Giant Guitar" to the "Wrong Macarena," Jimmy Fallon [7] has his dad dance moves down pat. Winnie should probably gear up for a few embarrassing moments in front of her friends.

He's Got Friends in High Places

Jimmy Fallon [8] hangs with a pretty kid-friendly crowd, including Elmo, Miss Piggy, and Kermit the Frog — so when Winnie's birthday rolls around and it's time to throw a party, he'll have access to the best entertainment around.

He Doesn't Mind Getting Wet

Jimmy has had pretty intense water fights with celebs like Robert Pattinson [9] and Ryan Reynolds [10] on Late Night, so when little Winnie splashes around in the bathtub or wants to learn how to swim, we're sure he won't shy away from getting right in there with her.

He Can Make You Eggs

Jimmy Fallon [11] and Tom Cruise [12] played a game of "Egg Roulette" on the show, and though it didn't end too well for Tom, Jimmy proved that he can tell a good egg from a bad one.

You'll Never Be Afraid of the Dark

During an appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, Zoe Saldana [13] stopped by to promote Star Trek Into Darkness and joined Jimmy for a rousing glow-in-the-dark game of "Spaceballs." We're betting Jimmy will be the perfect human night-light for little Winnie when she gets scared before bedtime.

He's a Dog Lover

Jimmy is a big fan of dogs and is already a dad to a 1-year-old golden retriever named Gary. He's had puppies on his late-night show, and he even let guest Ryan Gosling [14] bring his best friend George along during an appearance in 2011.

He Can Teach You How to Do Your Makeup

Jimmy's already got some pretty good makeup application skills, as evidenced in a game of "Rouge-lette" with Drew Barrymore [15]. Once Winnie wants to experiment with eye shadow, her dear old dad will be able to help her out.

He's Good at Sports

Should Winnie Rose decide to join the school basketball team, Jimmy can step up as coach (or at least cheer her on from the sidelines). Jimmy indulged Bradley Cooper [16] in a friendly game of "Faceketball" during the actor's appearance in 2013 and has also played sports with guests like Samuel L. Jackson, Jason Sudeikis, and Mark Wahlberg [17].

He's Got an Ear For the Latest Tunes

Nobody will ever be able to accuse Jimmy of not knowing "what the kids are listening to" — back in 2012 when Carly Rae Jepsen's hit "Call Me Maybe" was everywhere, Jimmy invited the singer to do a hip a capella version of the song complete with tambourine, xylophone, and triangle.

He'll Host Game Night

Chances are Winnie Rose won't have a problem inviting her friends over to the Fallon house once she reaches high school — Jimmy has had multiple stars on his show for rounds of beer pong, including Kate Bosworth [18], Naomi Watts [19], and Salma Hayek [20], who is one of the reigning champs. Jimmy strikes us as one of those "cool dads" who will let his little girl get away with some late-night fun.

He's Up on Current Events

Jimmy's "Slow Jam the News" segment is just one way that the funny guy proves he can keep up on the biggest news happenings. During Barack Obama's 2012 Late Night visit, Jimmy even invited the president to join him while serenading the audience with sweet, sweet political headlines.

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