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Jive Wants to Look Away from Britney Train Wreck

Jan 22 2007 - 10:43am

Oh, Britney, Britney, Britney, will you ever learn...or pay a responsible amount of attention to your kids...or realize that your career suicide is something that should probably be addressed in a more substantial way than an online missive to your fans? Though the starlet (is she really a starlet anymore? What would you call her? Pop Idol on Hiatus?) is ending many of her nights at the recording studio, things may not be so happy over at Jive Records, the company set to release her comeback album. Page Six reports [1]:

"Right now, she is trying to lay down some tracks, but no one is keen to move very quickly because there is the issue of how to market the album," an insider said. "Jive hasn't even picked producers for the album."

The record execs are also concerned about Britney's image. "If she doesn't clean up her act - and soon - it is going to be a problem. The public has grown really tired of her antics and despite her and [manager Larry Rudolph] promising she would change, she hasn't," continued our source. "She has lost her core fan base of teen girls."

She has also, it should be noted, lost her core fan base of horny men of all ages. Damn shame, too, because they were the ones buying the albums to drool over the photos in the liner notes (and secretly rock out to the songs alone in their cars).

For more of Britney not pulling a Britney while getting out of a car just

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