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Kate Teams Up With Will and Harry For a Muggle Movie Studio Tour

Apr 26 2013 - 4:23pm

Kate Middleton was joined by Prince William and Prince Harry to attend the inauguration of the new Warner Bros. Studios [1] in London today. She dressed up her baby bump in a polka-dot Topshop dress and a black Ralph Lauren jacket. The three young royals toured the studio, which had been decorated with pieces from famous films, including The Dark Knight Rises and the Harry Potter films. Kate, William, and Harry played with fake wizards' wands during a tour of the Harry Potter sets and William got in a bit of fun as he hopped on the Batpod while Kate giggled. Harry and Will also joked about the Batmobile while inspecting it during the tour. According to reporter Richard Palmer [2], Prince William asked, "You don't do baby seats for those cars, do you, by chance?" Will also joked that he hasn't yet told Harry that Harry Potter "isn't real."

The royal visit to the studios comes after a busy week of appearances for Kate and Harry. Kate made three visits over the week, including a stop by the National Portrait Gallery on Wednesday where she put her baby bump on display [3] in a baby-blue dress. Prince Harry has been keeping busy as well, attending the London Marathon on Sunday and making a stop in Nottingham on Thursday. The week may also mark the end of one drama for pregnant Kate, as two indictments have been made in a French court over the publication of Kate's infamous topless photos [4]. Both the photographer and the chief executive of the French magazine that first published the pictures are facing charges over the incident, and the court will reach a decision on June 5. In happier news, Will and Kate will celebrate their anniversary on Monday, April 29.

Kate Middleton wore a Topshop dress.

Kate Middleton, Prince Harry, and Prince William played with wands.

Kate Middleton walked with Prince William.

Prince William and Prince Harry played with a Batman costume.

Kate Middleton inspected a Harry Potter costume.

Prince Harry and Prince William joked about their wands with Kate Middleton.

Kate Middleton played with her Harry Potter wand.

Prince William, Prince Harry, and Kate Middleton shared a laugh.

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