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Katie Wears the (Big) Pants While Planning Mad Money

Apr 5 2007 - 11:40am

Katie Holmes stopped off at a wardrobe fitting for her upcoming cinematic masterpiece, Mad Money [0], in LA this week. Despite rumors that Tom was going to be overseeing Katie [0] every step of her return to the big screen, he seems to have skipped the first stop on the way. Ironic that she was at a wardrobe fitting in such ill-fitting pants. I mean, I know she's going for the cute widelegged [1]/oversized pants thing (which her friend Posh pulls off [1] with ease), but these ones look like they're about to fall off. As a minorly peripheral aside: Suri Cruise's Birthday is right around the corner! Don't send clothes, she doesn't want 'em [1]. Ha.


To see more of Katie getting her Starbucks on just

Flynet [2]

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