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Things Get Weird in Katy Perry's New Music Video — See the GIFs

Feb 24 2014 - 3:05am

In the wake of Katy Perry's out-of-this-world Grammys performance [1], we knew the "Dark Horse" music video was going to be one for the history books. Although Katy has recently been in the hot seat for her insensitivity when it comes to cultural appropriation, she really pulled out the stops, taking us all the way back to ancient Egypt. We suddenly found ourselves immersed in a world full of Egyptian pharaohs, hieroglyphics, and, well, grills. Keep scrolling, because we're reliving the craziest moments in GIFs.

Looks Like They Put a Lot of Research Into Date Accuracy

Introducing the Craziest Grill in the History of Grills

Don't You Know? Flamin' Hot Cheetos Were All the Rage Back Then

The Cutest Puppy in the History of Ever Once Ruled the Land

Well, We Didn't See That One Coming

Turns Out, Katy Perry Is Really Hot as a Statue

Suddenly, Things Take a Shocking Turn

Just Because She's Cleopatra, Doesn't Mean She Can't Break It Down

After Seeing Everything Else, We're Not Even Sure a Golden Alligator Head Is That Shocking

We're Starting to Get a Splitting Headache

At This Point, It's Safe to Say Katy's Winging It

And Cue the Vivid Nightmares

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