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Katy Perry and Allison Williams Pair Up For a Walk With Their Guys

Mar 6 2013 - 10:01pm

John Mayer [1] and Katy Perry [2] met up with Allison Williams and her boyfriend, CollegeHumor CEO Ricky Van Veen, for an afternoon hike in the Hollywood Hills last week. The foursome chatted and laughed as they walked along the trail. Katy and Allison have been pals for a while and attended the Grammys together last month. Allison's award-season run, which also included a Golden Globes win for Girls, continued with a stop by Vanity Fair's Oscars afterparty. She's since stayed in the spotlight while promoting the second season of Girls, which is currently airing new episodes. Allison chatted with Boston Common [3] magazine about feeling pressure to succeed, saying, "It never, ever came from my family. . . . It came from my own ambition. It came from Greenwich Academy, these people around me — these high-achieving, highly intelligent people. But the people I really admired were [those] who realized they were not perfect. Perfection is exhausting."

Ricky Van Veen and Allison Williams met up with John Mayer [4] and Katy Perry [5] for a hike in LA.

John Mayer [6] and Katy Perry [7] hiked around the Hollywood Hills with Allison Williams and her boyfriend, Ricky Van Veen.

Allison Williams and her boyfriend, Ricky Van Veen, went hiking.

Katy Perry [8] and John Mayer [9] wore workout gear.

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