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Vogue Crowns Lena Dunham "The New Queen of Comedy"

Jan 15 2014 - 10:17am

Lena Dunham's February cover of Vogue had been little more than a rumor [1] before the magazine released it this morning. But as it turns out, this isn't the first time the polymath entertainer has appeared in the fashion bible's pages.

"When she first appeared in Vogue in 1998, she was eleven," writes Vogue's Nathan Heller for the magazine's February issue. "It was as part of a spread about 'a New York pack of fashion-conscious kids' . . . 'I really like Jil Sander, but it's so expensive,' [Dunham said]. 'I find Calvin Klein really hard to respect because he's everywhere. I view him as a clothesmonger.'"

Since then, Dunham (who's wearing Burberry on the cover and dons everything from Rochas to Alexander McQueen inside the magazine) has gotten famous for being just that honest, especially when it comes to her work. But even though she bares the truth — and more than a little skin — on her hit HBO show, Girls, Dunham says she's actually an incredibly private person.

"I have a really great private existence, almost more like a memoirist or a columnist would, and less like an actor would," she says. "Which I enjoy, because I can't overstate how much I hate leaving the house."

See more images of Dunham, and a few great moments from her profile, below. For the full story, visit Vogue.com [2].

Photo courtesy of Vogue

Lena Dunham in Vogue's February 2014 Issue

On the Sex Scenes in Girls

"There was a sense that I and many women I knew had been led astray by Hollywood and television depictions of sexuality," Dunham says. "Seeing somebody who looks like you having sex on television is a less comfortable experience than seeing somebody who looks like nobody you've ever met . . . I want people ultimately, even if they're disturbed by certain moments, to feel bolstered and normalized by the sex that's on the show."

Lena Dunham, in Prada, her dog Lamby, and Adam Driver photographed by Annie Leibovitz. Photo courtesy of Vogue

Lena Dunham in Vogue's February 2014 Issue

On Her Private Life

"No one would describe me as a private person, but I actually really am," she explains. "My entire life sort of takes place between me and my dog, my books, and my boyfriend, and my private world. To me, privacy isn't necessarily equated with secret-keeping. What's private is my relationship with myself."

On "Going Too Far"

"If I placed that many censors on myself, I wouldn't be able to continue to make the kinds of things that I make. And so I just sort of know there are going to be moments where I take it one step too far."

Lena Dunham, wearing a coat, skirt, and belt by Céline, photographed by Annie Leibovitz. Photo courtesy of Vogue

Lena Dunham in Vogue's February 2014 Issue

On Her Personal Style

"I've always loved Comme des Garcons; I've always loved Yohji Yamamoto," she says. "I'm into Charlotte Olympia flats. I really love a Prada bag because they always have one weird detail that you didn't think about. I always wear J Brand jeans because the waist is high . . . a low-cut jean is a problematic thing for me."

Lena Dunham, wearing Burberry, photographed by Annie Leibovitz. Photo courtesy of Vogue

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