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Leo's Friends Come out at the 11th Hour

Aug 9 2007 - 12:14am

Leonardo DiCaprio's posse reunited to support him at the premiere of the 11th Hour [1] in LA. Lukas and Tobey looked all grown up in their white shirts and suit coats while Adrian Grenier went all dark and sexy. Kate Bosworth looked amazingly happy and healthy. The main man of the hour was proud to show off his hard work on a project he's so passionate about. Leo narrates the documentary that features the leading scientists and political figures of today. Here's more [2]:


"It's not just global warming, it's not just a loss of biodiversity, it's not just the pollution of our oceans and the clearing of our rainforests and all these complicated systems," Leo tells ET. "[The movie] talks about the world economy, it talks about politics, it talks about personal transformation and environmental consciousness that we need to have in this generation to implement a lot of these changes that need to occur."

It's clear that Leo really wants to make a difference and he practices what he preaches. There's nothing sexier than that. Be sure to check back later for Buzz [3]'s interview with Julie Delpy! For lots more pics of the gang and more just

Images include Adrian Grenier, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Meyer, Tobey Maguire, Kate Bosworth, Julie Delpy, Lukas Haas, Leila Conners

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