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Matt Teams Back Up With Clooney, Yay!

Aug 15 2007 - 4:35pm

The stars of The Bourne Ultimatum [1] all came out for Wednesday's London premiere. Matt was handsome, as usual, and Luciana looked spectacular on his arm. Also, is it just me or do Joan and Julia look kinda like twins? With the success of Bourne, Matt is in a better place than ever in his career and I love hearing about any and all of his new projects. The latest is that he and George (swoon duo) purchased the film rights to adapt the Broadway show, Farragut North (which is soon starring Gyllenhaal). [2] Here's to hoping that both those lovely lovely men make their way in front of the camera, not just behind the scenes.


To see more pictures of the event including Prince (random!), Neve Campbell, Helena Christensen and lots more just

Images include Matt Damon, Rachel Stevens, Luciana Barroso, Kimberly Stewart, Julia Stiles, Neve Campbell, Joan Allen, Helena Christensen, Paul Greengrass, Tom Gallop and Prince.

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