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Stars in the Slimelight at the Kids' Choice Awards

Mar 28 2014 - 4:45pm

The Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards roll into LA on Saturday, which means it's time for celebrities to be very afraid — at any moment, they could be slimed. Through the years, we've seen plenty of stars coated in green gunk, from Kristen Stewart [1]'s slimy hug to Justin Timberlake [2]'s slime fight to Josh Duhamel [3] becoming the reigning king of slime time. Scroll through to see 23 of the best moments of celebs in the slimelight, and then tune in for the show to see who comes out green.

Justin Bieber got slimed in 2012.

Kristen Stewart [4] hugged a slimed Sandra Bullock [5] alongside Neil Patrick Harris [6] in 2013.

In turn, Kristen had to wipe some slime off her shirt.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen [7] hugged as they got slimed in 2004.

Pink got some surprise pink slime in 2002.

Halle Berry [8] was taken by surprise when she got slimed in the audience in 2012.

Jim Carrey [9] screamed through the slime back in 2003.

Justin Timberlake [10] and Vince Vaughn [11] hosed each other with slime in 2007.

Katy Perry [12] got a blast of slime in 2010.

Katy Perry [13] hugged Jonah Hill [14] after getting slimed in 2010.

Jack Black [15] and Orlando Bloom [16] high-fived after getting some serious slime time in 2008.

Will Ferrell [17] had slime poured on him like Gatorade in 2005.

Tina Fey [18] and Steve Carell [19] embraced the slime in 2010.

Johnny Depp [20] had slime rain down on him in 2005.

Nick Cannon had a serious laugh when Heidi Klum [21] got slimed in 2011.

Jane Lynch [22] splashed Jason Segel [23] with slime in 2011.

Snoop Dogg couldn't handle the slime in 2011.

Chris Colfer got a face full of slime in 2012.

Adam Sandler [24] had slime coming at him from every direction in 2002.

Taylor Lautner [25] was soaked in slime in 2012.

Steve Carell [26] and Tobey Maguire [27] tried to stop the slime in 2007.

Jack Black [28] sprayed slime at Robin Williams [29] in 2006.

Josh Duhamel [30] was the king of the slime in 2011.

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