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It's Official: Kate Walsh Checks Out Of Seattle Grace

May 14 2007 - 10:02am

Buzz may have already told us that Kate Walsh was getting her own show [1] thanks to Ellen interviewing the President of ABC last week, but now Variety has confirmed the news [2]. I have mixed feelings about Addison. At first she was the character we were supposed to hate since she was McDreamy's secret wife who turned out to be a cheater. Then like most of America, we learned to love this strong character. Yet now I am kinda over her, like I am over Meredith. Don't get me wrong, I am still a huge fan of the show even though the middle of this season sucked, it has gotten better - but based off the initial reactions [3] to the special spin off pilot, I am not so sure I will be signing up for Private Practice no matter how much I enjoy watching Taye Diggs.

Bauer-Griffin [4]

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