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Festival Snaps From the POPSUGAR Lounge!

Apr 24 2014 - 3:00am

The POPSUGAR Refresh, Relax, and Remix bus presented by Secret rolled into April's hottest music festival for both weekends, stopping at the top parties and hotels. Check out the snaps from our epic weekends!

It's festival time — the POPSUGAR Lounge arrived in Palm Springs, CA!

Source: Instagram user POPSUGAR Beauty [1]

At the Forever 21 Party in the Sky, guests took a moment to cool off with POPSUGAR water inside the lounge.

Source: Ali Terwilliger [2]

To take a break from the heat, guests freshened up with Secret's Destination Collection at the Hard Rock LED Party.

Source: Ali Terwilliger [3]

At the GUESS Hotel Party at the Viceroy, we brought fun face jewels and paint for visitors to amp up their festival style.

Source: Instagram user slb382 [4]

The epic weekend continued with the POPSUGAR Lounge at Vestal Village!

Source: Ali Terwilliger [5]

At the Hard Rock LED Party, guests were able to relax inside the POPSUGAR Lounge.

Source: Ali Terwilliger [6]

The POPSUGAR Lounge stopped at the Riviera Resort & Spa VIP Pool Party with Social Club.

Source: Jes Workman [7]

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