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Alexander Skarsgard Is Amazing All on His Own

Jan 6 2010 - 10:00am

Alexander Skarsgard [1] treated himself to a movie yesterday afternoon in LA, only this time the True Blood [2] hottie didn't have rumored girlfriend Kate Bosworth [3] along for a date. Kate isn't far from Alexander's mind, though, as he opened up about their work together in Straw Dogs and called her "amazing" three times in a recent interview [4] you can check out after the jump. 2009 brought Alexander onto our radar in a big way and evidently yours as well — he beat Ryan Reynolds [5] and Gabriel Aubry [6] to take home the title of Sexiest Guy of the Year [7]. With his show on hiatus until the Summer, connect with other fans of the blond Swede over in the Fans of Alexander Skarsgard [8] community group.




To see the video of Alex chatting about Kate, just .

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