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Jul 1 2010 - 11:00am

You can now follow us on Twitter @PopSugar [1] for all the latest news, photos, and red carpet coverage! In this week's photo roundup, stars enjoyed birthday parties, vacations, charity events, and more — Drake stopped by to rap with Jimmy Kimmel, and Rachel Zoe [2] got down with her new four-legged friend. Kelly and Sharon Osbourne joined Elton John for his annual charity event, while Peter Facinelli [3] and Jennie Garth threw a themed party. Click through to see all the candid shots!

Flight of Fancy

Kourtney, Kim, and Kris Kardashian boarded a private plane [4] together.

Man's Best Friend

Dane Cook [5] posed with his four-legged sidekick [6].

This Little Piggy

Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli [7] surprised their daughter [8] Luca on her 13th birthday with a baby pig!

Doggy Style

Snoop Dogg checked out the latest kicks [9] at an Adidas store in Holland.

Super Troopers

Bethenny Frankel met up with a colorful character [10] at the NYC Pride Parade.

Momma's Boy

Chelsea Handler couldn't resist giving dog Chunk a hug [11].

Pet Perks

Tinkerbell accompanied Paris Hilton [12] on a recent trip.

Dinner Theater

Peter Facinelli [13] and Jennie Garth threw their daughter a mystery dinner party [14].

Good Fellas

Ryan Seacrest [15] ran into Regis Philbin [16] at dinner.

Armed and Dangerous

Snooki admired a big tattoo [17].

Best in Show

Rachel Zoe [18] fell in love [19] with a cute dog.

Early Adopter

Kourtney Kardashian's son Mason got his hands on a iPad [20].

Nose to Nose

Jared Leto [21] faced his mohawk competition [22].

Tied Up

Joel McHale and Kevin Pollack got to work in Times Square [23].

Snap to It

Jordan Knight took a self portrait [24].


David Spade stayed cool [25] in his hat.

That's a Rap

Drake collaborated on a rap [26] with Jimmy Kimmel.

John Dear

John Cho took a spin in his new ride [27].

Booze Cruise

Julianne Hough celebrated with friends [28] before taking the stage in Joliet, IL.

The Glamorous Life

Kelly and Sharon Osbourne joined host Elton John [29] at his annual White Tie benefit.

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