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One Is Not Amused: A Guide to the Queen's Many Faces

Oct 4 2016 - 11:00pm

Queen Elizabeth II is a shining example of British decorum, but she can't always hold that megawatt smile on her face. In fact, one of the queen's more dour-faced moments sparked a royal meme during the 2012 Olympics [1]. With that in mind, we decided to round up the best of the queen's many facial expressions and help decode them for the common folk. Sure, the queen may not look completely regal all the time [2], but surely we can cut one a break?

When She Spots a Corgi

When Rain Threatens to Ruin Her Pretty New Scarf

When She Meets a Handsome Man

When Harry Forgets to Call on Her Birthday

When Kate Middleton Didn't Get the Memo

When David Cameron Won't Stop Talking

When Prince Charles Asks When She's Going to Abdicate

When Those Crazy Europeans Go In For a Cheek Kiss

When Some Loud Americans Are Nearby

When She Gets to Do "Common" Things

When She's Feeling Pretty Boss

When She Realizes Her Hood Makes Her Look Like a Gnome

When She Thinks She Stepped in Something Icky

When She Realizes That She May Have Overdressed

When She Gets to Wave a Flag

When Her Horses Are Losing a Race

When Her Outfit Matches Perfectly

When Someone Suggests That She's Singing Out of Tune

When Eugenie Is Blocking Her Shot

When Someone Asks Her to Remove Her Hat

When She Realizes Kate Got the Better Swag Basket

When She Can't Figure Out What Everyone's Looking At

When Prince Philip Starts to Say Something Inappropriate

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