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Exclusive: Kristen Stewart's Sexy, Sultry Shoot

Jun 3 2009 - 10:00am

Kristen Stewart [1] looked amazing posing for a photo shoot shoot.html?mbid=popsugar">for Allure magazine [2] at the Santa Monica Pier yesterday. Her ankle injury kept her in Chuck Taylors instead of her planned pumps at the MTV Movie Awards [3] and she limped her way through the day on set — quite the trooper. Unfortunately, Robert Pattinson [4] is across the country in NYC, but we can only imagine how sexy things would have gotten if he'd been involved. In fact, Miss Stewart did quite an amazing job steaming up the shoot all by herself.

Hairy Situation

Kristen's famously tousled locks took on a whole new volume.

The Lip Bite

Kristen got us all hot and bothered at the MTV Movie Awards [5] with her almost-kiss [6] — clearly she has the lip bite mastered.

Sexy Lean

Wind blown hair, love it.

Pose Through the Pain

Kristen kept her injured ankle wrapped up during the shoot.

Lights, Camera, Action

Thigh-high boots are sassy.

Biker Girl

In New Moon [7], Bella learns to ride a motorcycle, and she's clearly got the biker chick thing going.

The Look

Girl knows how to make sex eyes.

Tender Stepping

Kristen's ankle didn't get in the way of her shoot.

Smoke Break

Kristen grabbed a cigarette before getting to work.

Up Close and Personal

No awkward Bella looks here.

Look of Longing

She's totally thinking about Robert, right?

Pain or Pleasure

Agony, ecstasy, or is it a bit of both for Bella?

Her Blue Eyes

In Twilight [8], Edward's eyes are the focus, but Kristen has some beautiful peepers of her own.

Casual Cool

Kristen showed off her usual tomboy-chic style arriving on set for the shoot.

One Arm Out

Business on one side, party on the other.

Blow Out

There were many hands on board to make sure her hair always looked picture-perfect.

Long Day

Usually casual Kristen spent many hours all done up.

This Again

Clearly, they were looking for the money shot.

Touch Up

Gotta keep those lips luscious and inviting.

Who's That Girl?

Pretty hot, eh?

Hold It

Yeah, you know this one by now.

Moment Off

Kristen had a few breaks during the day.

Bite Me

Kristen seductively bit her thumb for the camera — where's Edward when you need him?


Kristen peeked out from behind a pillar under the dock.

Quiet Time

Kristen's extensions blew in the wind.


Kristen looked sassy in her thigh-high boots.

Who Me?

She's not so innocent.

There's the One

She looks awesome.

Are We Done Yet?

Long day.


Sand in the face? Ankle pain? Who knows.

Is It This One?

Maybe this will be the best one of all.

Beach Bodies

Kristen trudged along in the Santa Monica sand.

Hold It

I can only imagine how long she had to lean up against that pole.

Not Photo Ready

Even before she went to hair and makeup, Kristen was posed for some pictures.

Hike It Up

Her thigh-high boots had some trouble staying up.

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