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David Letterman Drops the F-Bomb on a Shocked Tom Cruise

Dec 18 2012 - 6:42am

Tom Cruise [1] swung by the Late Show in NYC last night as part of his promotional tour for Jack Reacher. While on the show, Tom seemed a bit scandalized when host David Letterman [2] dropped the f-bomb on him unexpectedly. Tom and Dave started their interview discussing having "the talk" with their kids, and Dave revealed that while he hasn't addressed sex yet, he's already had a conversation with his son Harry about dirty words. Dave explained, "I said, 'Harry, do you know dirty words?' And he says, 'Well, I know the s-word.' . . . And I said, 'And the f-word?' And he said 'F**k.'" The f-word was bleeped on the show, but it sent Tom into a fit of laughter. Tom said, "I'm just thinking, someone's got the plug — and they're pulling it [on this show]."

The past week has been a busy one for Tom, despite having to cancel his Jack Reacher premiere in Pittsburgh [3] due to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. The Pittsburgh premiere [4], which was supposed to take place last Saturday, has been rescheduled for Dec. 19. An NYC screening and event honoring Tom that was supposed to take place yesterday has not yet been given a new premiere date. The film will hit theaters on Dec. 21.

Tom Cruise [5] arrived at the Late Show in NYC.

Tom Cruise [6] wore a gray sweater and black pants.

Tom Cruise [7] greeted fans outside the Late Show.

Tom Cruise [8] posed for photographers.

Tom Cruise [9] posed with fans.

Tom Cruise [10] took photos with fans.

Tom appeared on the Late Show after canceling the premiere of Jack Reacher.

Tom Cruise [11] was in town promoting his new film.

Tom Cruise [12] smiled for photographers.

Tom Cruise [13] was in NYC.

Tom Cruise [14] waved at fans.

Tom Cruise [15] looked dapper in a sweater and collared shirt.

Tom Cruise [16] dropped by the Late Show.

Tom Cruise [17] smiled for the photographers.

Tom Cruise [18] was promoting his new movie.

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