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Tom Cruise Opens Up For Oprah

May 2 2008 - 11:03am

Oprah headed to Telluride to interview Tom Cruise for the first time in three years [1] and got right down to business in the episode that airs today. She didn't shy away from the controversy that has surrounded him for years, getting him to touch on Scientology, his public feuds, and his family. While Tom's attitude was more relaxed this time around, he's not apologizing for anything that has happened. Here are highlights [2]:

To see what else Tom had to say about Scientology, "Kate," and his reputation, just .

While Tom has certainly made it clear he has his set of beliefs, you've got to respect how passionate he is in everything he does. Monday continues with Tom and Oprah celebrating his 25 years in the business, so expect lots of hot clips (Risky Business underwear shot, Top Gun volleyball scene, Mission Impossible, and more) and clips from his famous celebrity friends.

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