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Why I Love My Mom Tribe

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Raising a child takes a village, so we've partnered with merci® Chocolates to help you celebrate, appreciate, and thank the women who always have your back — your mom tribe.

There is nothing that means more to me than my family, but there is one group that comes pretty darn close. Girlfriends, I'm talking about you. As a new mom, a sort-of seasoned mom, and beyond, the value of being surrounded by "your people" is tremendous. And because I don't find the time to do so nearly often enough (plus, Mother's Day), here's my best attempt at the thank-you that you all deserve. Life without you would be a lot more challenging, a lot more lonely . . . and not nearly as much fun.

I was among the first of my college/post-college friends to have a baby, so navigating the early days of "Who are we going to hang out with?" with a newborn was kind of a strange new territory. I joined the mom groups, went to the meet-ups, and really gave it my all. It's a different universe. All of a sudden, you're trading intimate details with virtual strangers. They're offering to hold your baby so you can run and grab a coffee. You're sharing childrearing philosophies (and the not-always-synced-up realities) and future plans for your baby and family — big, important stuff! And in little time, if you're lucky, you'll find "your people" among these strangers, and they'll become your tribe.

An Open Letter to the Mom Tribe I Can’t Live Without originally posted on POPSUGAR Family