This Year's Best New Fantasy Books Will Fill Your Days With Magic
Photo Illustration: Ava Cruz
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Sometimes, it can feel like the real world is too much to handle. Fortunately, there are plenty of choices for escapism in 2023, with a slew of phenomenal new fantasy books to transport you to worlds of myth and magic.

This year's fantasy books offer plenty to choose from. Long-running stories are finally coming to epic conclusions, with authors like Cassandra Clare wrapping up series this year. There are also new stories from beloved authors like Rebecca Yarros, Claire Legrand, Andrea Stewart, Alexandra Bracken, Tahereh Mafi, Shannon Chakraborty, Caroline Peckham, and Susanne Valenti, plus fresh voices introducing us to their creative, fantastical new worlds full of mystery and romance.

No matter what fantasy style you enjoy most, there's sure to be something you'll love among this year's best new fantasy reads. Some releases take inspiration from folklore worldwide, with exciting and creative twists on all the creatures, stories, and tropes you love in your favorite fantasy fiction. There's never been a better time to get swept away in the magic and adventure of a really great fantasy book. As a bonus, many of these books are perfect for filling several of the prompts from the 2023 POPSUGAR Reading Challenge! Check out what's coming out when, and happy reading!


"Iron Flame" by Rebecca Yarros

Rebecca Yarros's "Fourth Wing" burst onto the scene as one of the big fantasy hits of 2023, and now its sequel, "Iron Flame," is already here! After narrowly surviving a year of brutal training as a dragon rider — and a devastating battle with tragic consequences — scribe-turned-warrior Violet is far from out of danger. The new commandant is on a personal mission to destroy her (or get her to betray her love, Xaden), and Violet's knowledge of the empire's secrets puts her on a collision course with even more dangerous foes and with forces that, once released, could change everything.

Release date: Nov. 7


"A Power Unbound" by Freya Marske

Freya Marske wraps up the Last Binding trilogy with "A Power Unbound." After the death of his twin sister, Jack would like to be done with magic forever, but the threat of a dangerous ritual draws him reluctantly back into that world. He joins forces with an unlikely and mismatched group of friends, along with writer and thief-for-hire Alan. Although Jack and Alan clash immediately, there are bigger things to worry about, like a plot brewing on Jack's ancestral lands to use magic to seize vast power. As they're forced to work together, it becomes clear that magic isn't the only thing sparking between them.

Release date: Nov. 7


"The Darkness Before Them" by Matthew Ward

Matthew Ward launches a new series with "The Darkness Before Them." In the Kingdom of Khalad, the magical mists of the Veil are consuming the land; the people suffer helplessly under the rule of brutal nobles and an immortal king. Among all this, Kat, a thief, seeks to complete one big job to settle a debt that destroyed her family. She has a unique gift: the ability to speak to the spirits all around her and even, in some cases, command them to do her bidding. Soon, she'll be drawn into a battle much bigger for herself as factions war for the future of the kingdom.

Release date: Nov. 7


"The Princess of Thornwood Drive" by Khalia Moreau

The "real" world and a magical fantasy world collide in "The Princess of Thornwood Drive" by Khalia Moreau. From the perspective of elder sister Laine, her parents were killed a year ago in a car crash that also left her sister Alyssa nonverbal and paralyzed. When a care center offers to look after Alyssa — for free — Laine agrees. From Alyssa's perspective, however, she's the princess of a magical land, and she was cursed in the forest when her parents were killed. Now, there's a dark prince lurking who takes an interest in the sisters, and while Laine tries to put their "real" lives back together, Alyssa must muster the courage for an epic battle.

Release date: Nov. 7


"Tonight, I Burn" by Katharine J. Adams

Katharine J. Adams introduces us to the world of thorn witches and mystical realms in "Tonight, I Burn." Each night, a thorn witch burns to patrol the veil between life and death, using magic to return safely the next morning. When Penny's sister Ella doesn't return from her patrol one night, Penny breaks the rules and burns in secret to traverse the veil and learn its secrets for herself. Along the way, she encounters the mysterious lord Malin and the captive prophet Alice, while also discovering the secrets — and rebellion — lurking in the shadows. It's not just her sister who's in danger — it's everyone.

Release date: Nov. 7


"The Star and the Strange Moon" by Constance Sayers

A haunted film and an actress's vanishing are at the center of the time-hopping "The Star and the Strange Moon" by Constance Sayers. While filming a horror film in the 1960s, fading actress Gemma vanishes into thin air. What no one seems to realize is that she's been pulled into the film itself, where she fights to survive and escape. Decades later, the film has developed a cult following, with rare screenings where new footage seems to magically appear. In 2007, film student Christopher sets out to discover the truth behind the movie and Gemma's disappearance, only to unravel a dangerous mystery beyond his expectations.

Release date: Nov. 14


"Shadow Baron" by Davinia Evans

Davinia Evans's sequel "Shadow Baron" returns readers to a chaotic universe full of alchemists, schemers, and mind-bending reality. Siyon Velo is now acknowledged as the Alchemist after stabilizing the universe and (hopefully) stopping the land of Bezim from destruction. Now, he's got a different challenge: not letting anyone realize he's in over his head. Meanwhile, mythical creatures begin to be spotted all around, where they were once the provenance of fiction. The magical world is creeping in through the cracks, and it's up to Siyon to find a way to stop it before everything he's worked so hard for comes crashing down.

Release date: Nov. 14


"The Kingdom of Sweets" by Erika Johansen

Just in time for the holiday season comes "The Kingdom of Sweets," Erika Johansen's dark riff on "The Nutcracker." Sisters Clara and Natasha are "cursed" by their powerful godfather Drosselmeyer: one, Clara, to be the favorite and a source of light; the other, Natasha, to grow in the shadows. When Drosselmeyer arrives one Christmas with his gift of a magical Nutcracker, Natasha seizes her moment for revenge. She follows Clara into the Kingdom of Sweets, where the Sugar Plum Fairy offers her all she desires — even as Natasha slowly uncovers the truth about her destiny and that of her sister.

Release date: Nov. 28


"Starling House" by Alix E. Harrow

If you love fantasy with a gothic, haunted-house vibe, then you'll love Alix E. Harrow's latest novel, "Starling House." In rural Kentucky, Opal is desperate for a way to get herself and her younger brother out of their small town, famous for its bad luck and the mysterious disappearance of a reclusive author over a century ago. When Opal has the chance to go into Starling House and earn a little extra money for her and her brother, she eagerly agrees, despite the presence of the family's grumpy heir, Arthur. Upon arrival, though, she learns just what kind of secrets the house — and the town — has been hiding.

Release date: Oct. 3


"The Hurricane Wars" by Thea Guanzon

Fans of the fast-growing romantasy genre are sure to get swept up in "The Hurricane Wars" by Thea Guanzon. In a Southeast Asia-inspired world ravaged by years of storms and ruthless sieges, Talasyn forges her own family on the battlefield, but she has a secret: she has light magic, a rare and thought-to-be extinct power that could cut down the shadows of the Night Empire. She soon crosses paths with Prince Alaric, the empire's heir, and their battlefield clash instead links them in ways neither expected. When an even more powerful danger approaches, they'll have to decide whether to end the war by destroying each other or join forces to face the new threat together.

Release date: Oct. 3


"The Scandalous Confessions of Lydia Bennet, Witch" by Melinda Taub

Melinda Taub, best known for her "Romeo & Juliet" riff "Still Star-Crossed," returns to the classic literature well with "The Scandalous Confessions of Lydia Bennet, Witch." Taub reimagines the flighty youngest Bennet sister not as the silly flirt we know from "Pride & Prejudice," but as a curious young witch experimenting with her own power. Accompanied by her "sister" Kitty (actually her cat familiar in human form), Lydia encounters powerful covens of witches, magically meddles in others' lives with sometimes disastrous results, and more. When she gets entangled in a deal with a demon and his charming son, she'll have to lean on unexpected allies and get control of her own powers.

Release date: Oct. 3


"Night of the Witch" by Sara Raasch and Beth Revis

Inspired by the real history of the European witch trials in 1500s Germany, "Night of the Witch" by Sara Raasch and Beth Revis follows a witch and a hunter whose lives are inextricably entwined. Fritzi is the last witch standing after her coven is destroyed, and she vows revenge on the leader of the hexenjägers — the witch hunters. Otto is among those hunters, but it's only a cover; he's actually there in hopes of bringing them down after his mother was wrongfully killed by them. Fritzi and Otto reach a tentative truce and join forces, but the truth they'll uncover is more dangerous and deadly than they ever thought.

Release date: Oct. 3


"Throne of the Fallen" by Kerri Maniscalco

Kerri Maniscalco makes her adult fantasy debut with "Throne of the Fallen," the start of a new series set in the same universe as her YA bestseller "Kingdom of the Wicked." The Prince of Envy finds himself entangled in a cryptic and dangerous game, one that could save or condemn his court. Camilla, a young woman fleeing blackmail, is forced to make a deal with Envy, never dreaming that their bond would reveal secrets that even she didn't know about herself. Together, the pair will have to navigate a dangerous Underworld journey, all while trying to ignore their growing feelings for each other.

Release date: Oct. 3


"Curious Tides" by Pascale Lacelle

"Curious Tides" by Pascale Lacelle combines a fantasy world with a moon-based magic system with the eerie vibes of dark academia. Emory seems to be a mediocre healing student at a prestigious magical academy until a terrible tragedy leaves her as the sole survivor among a group of her classmates. Now, she finds herself possessing strange, intense, and dangerous abilities. Lacking anyone else to trust, she turns to her reclusive classmate Baz to help her uncover more about her powers and the secret society her dead classmates were involved in. As things get more complicated, and the society finds out about her powers, she'll be drawn into their world — and she might not be able to escape.

Release date: Oct. 3


"Sword Catcher" by Cassandra Clare

Cassandra Clare is another YA icon who's now entering the adult fantasy world with "Sword Catcher." The city-state of Castellane is driven by the pursuit of thrills, power, and riches, putting everyone in danger. Kel is a young orphan, taken away at a young age to be trained as the Sword Catcher: a body double to deflect danger from Prince Conor. Although they're as close as brothers, they can't escape the fact that, one day, Kel will have to die for Conor. When Kel encounters Lin, a magical physician who defies the laws around magic, they'll journey together to the city's underworld, where they'll uncover a conspiracy that could rot Castellane from within.

Release date: Oct. 10


"What the River Knows" by Isabel Ibañez

Sweeping from 19th-century Buenos Aires to Egypt, "What the River Knows" by Isabel Ibañez traces the story of one young woman and her quest to discover what really happened to her recently deceased, globetrotting parents. Brought to Cairo by her mysterious new guardian, Inez discovers her family's heirloom ring is tethered to old magic, which draws her down a path of more questions about her past and her parents' disappearance. Constantly stymied by her guardian's annoying (and handsome) assistant, Inez must resort to ancient magic to discover what really happened to her parents — and what her role in the larger scheme truly is.

Release date: Oct. 31


"Playing the Witch Card" by KJ Dell'Antonia

If you prefer your fantasy books on the cozy side, check out "Playing the Witch Card" by KJ Dell'Antonia. When Flair returns to her hometown to take over her late grandmother's bakery, she swears to avoid any and all of the magic that runs in the family. Unfortunately, fate seems to have other plans. A batch of Tarot-themed cookies unwittingly unleashes magic on the town, while also summoning Flair's flighty mother, intriguing her daughter, and bringing her first love and her cheating ex both back into her life. There are bigger forces at play than she realizes, and she'll have to come to terms with her magic to put things right.

Release date: Sept. 12


"Fall of Ruin and Wrath" by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Bestselling author Jennifer L. Armentrout launches a new fantasy series with "Fall of Ruin and Wrath." In a world after a divine apocalypse, nine cities remain, each watched over by a royal "guardian." Calista, born with unerring intuitions, serves as an informant and courtesan for a powerful nobleman. After she saves a traveling prince, fated to be both her joy and her doom, she becomes his companion in turn. But there's rebellion afoot, schemes around every corner, and dangers she hasn't even begun to imagine. For the first time, Calista's intuition might not be enough to keep her safe from what's next.

Release date: Sept. 12


"Cursebreakers" by Madeleine Nakamura

"Cursebreakers" by Madeleine Nakamura centers on a magical city, a disgraced professor, and a secret plot. In the city of Astrum, people are suffering from magical comas, and Adrien, an ex-professor, is determined to find out why. Alongside a chaotic young soldier and a talented healer, Adrien sets out to find out the truth and put a stop to the curse before it destroys everything. He'll have to learn to manage his own faltering mental health and self-destructive habits — and overcome a particularly dangerous unrequited love — in order to save the city and everyone who lives in it.

Release date: Sept. 12


"A Market of Dreams and Destiny" by Trip Galey

Beneath Covent Garden in 19th-century London lies the setting of "A Market of Dreams and Destiny" by Trip Galey. The magical market sells all manner of things seen and unseen — for the right price. Deri, a young man who has lived in servitude since childhood, sees a chance to buy freedom and his own place in the market when a runaway princess asks to sell her destiny. When news of the princess spreads, however, Deri will have to contend with powerful forces (including the manipulative masters of Owain, the man Deri has fallen in love with) in order to secure his place in the world.

Release date: Sept. 12


"The Hexologists" by Josiah Bancroft

Looking for fantasy with a mystery twist? Try "The Hexologists" by Josiah Bancroft. This new series follows the adventures of Iz and Warren Wilby, the "hexologists" of the title who specialize in using hexes, charms, and relics to help solve the strangest cases brought to their doorstep. Then, the royal secretary arrives with news of a bizarre request from the king himself. To solve their most challenging case yet, the Wilbies will have to go up against anti-monarchists, alchemists, and mysterious creatures from all sorts of magical dimensions. It will take all their skills and every artifact they possess to get answers this time.

Release date: Sept. 26


"The Fragile Threads of Power" by V.E. Schwab

V.E. Schwab returns with a new fantasy series, set in her "Shades of Magic" universe, with "The Fragile Threads of Power." It's been seven years since anyone has seen the last magicians with the power to open the doors between worlds. Now, a new leader, Kosika, has appeared in White London, determined to take power and feed her city and her religious fervor no matter the cost. Meanwhile, Rhy, the king of Red London faces a rebellion determined to do away with the throne altogether. As royals struggle for power, a mysterious girl named Tes arrives with the power to unite the worlds, or destroy them all.

Release date: Sept. 26


"The Witches of Bone Hill" by Ava Morgyn

Family secrets abound in Ava Morgyn's "The Witches of Bone Hill." Two very different sisters, Cordelia and Eustace, are summoned to a small town in Connecticut to handle the estate of the great-aunt they never met. They get much more than just a house, though: they find themselves entangled in the mysterious and supernatural history of their family. Add in a family crypt, a mysterious groundskeeper, and the truth about what happened to their mother, and the two sisters have to completely rethink what they know about themselves and their family. Plus, there's the small matter of a powerful enemy who's been stalking the family for generations...

Release date: Sept. 26


"This Dark Descent" by Kalyn Josephson

Inspired by Jewish folklore, "This Dark Descent" by Kalyn Josephson brings together the daughter of magical horse breeders, an enchanter who operates in secret, and an heir embroiled in a succession battle. Mikira's family is famed for breeding horses for the deadly dangerous horse race, but with debts piling up, Mikira decides to enter the race herself, despite the peril. She allies with Arielle, a black-market enchanter who creates golems, and Damien, a lord battling for his succession. All three have their own secrets to keep and wrongs to avenge, but the only way they'll survive is to find a way to work together.

Release date: Sept. 26


"Medusa's Sisters" by Lauren J. A. Bear

Lauren J. A. Bear puts a new twist on Greek mythology with "Medusa's Sisters." Sisters Medusa, Stheno, and Euryale ventured into the human world in search of understanding, belonging, and even love, but they quickly learned just how tempestuous and deadly the "love" of the gods can be. After seeing Medusa's fate, Stheno and Euryale — now the reviled Gorgons — are the survivors, and the only ones left who can tell the story of how three sisters who loved one another so much could wind up tangled in a doomed story of divine rivalries, curses, and twisted versions of the truth.

Release date: Aug. 8


"Labyrinth's Heart" by M. A. Carrick

M. A. Carrick wraps up the "Rook & Rose" trilogy with this final installment, "Labyrinth's Heart." Ren's plan to collect a fortune for her and her sister has worked a little too well. She's successfully posed as the lost heir to the Traementis noble house, and she's now known as Renata. Those aren't the only identities she must balance: she's also Arenza, a notorious rebel, and the Black Rose, a legendary vigilante partnered with the equally-famed Rook. Even with the help of her closest allies, Ren finds herself overwhelmed by wearing so many masks, and when it all comes tumbling down, the entire city is in danger.

Release date: Aug. 15


"Thornhedge" by T. Kingfisher

You've never read a "Sleeping Beauty" retelling quite like "Thornhedge" by T. Kingfisher. As a baby, Toadling was kidnapped from her human family and raised in the land of the faeries, where she grows up safe and loved. Once she's an adult, the fae ask Toadling to return to the land of the humans and bestow a blessing on a newborn child, but things unfold in unexpected and dangerous ways. Centuries later, a knight arrives at a wall of thorny brambles, determined to hack his way through and break a curse — the same curse Toadling will do anything in her power to uphold.

Release date: Aug. 15


"The Water Outlaws" by S. L. Huang

Get swept up in a vibrant, epic fantasy with "The Water Outlaws" by S. L. Huang. Inspired by a 14th-century Chinese classic, the story centers on Lin Chong, an expert commissioned to train the Emperor's finest soldiers on how to use every weapon at their disposal. She's not a rebel by any means, but when her carefully planned life is torn away from her by a man out for revenge, she's forced to disappear. In disguise and on the run, she's recruited by the Bandits of Liangshan, vigilantes determined to see justice done — and, in the process, they might take down an empire.

Release date: Aug. 22


"The Midnight Kingdom" by Tara Sim

The second installment in Tara Sim's "The Dark Gods" series, "The Midnight Kingdom" picks up with the four heirs to the four noble houses scattered across the realms after a devastating battle. The rebellious Taesia and the soldier Nikolas have been cast into the realm of night, accompanied by the god of light determined to bring down the dark realm. Peaceful necromancer Risha lands in the realm of death, but she struggles to help the trapped spirits and to get her and her friend home before they're trapped forever. Only Angelica remains in the city of Nexus, trying to keep it from unraveling as all four heirs fight to find their way home.

Release date: Aug. 22


"House of Odysseus" by Claire North

Claire North returns to Greek mythology with "House of Odysseus," another mythological retelling that centers the women of the legends. The world where the whims of gods can doom or uplift men is a dangerous one, and the queen, Penelope, works hard to try to keep Ithaca safe after her husband Odysseus fails to return. The fragile balance is shattered with the arrival of Orestes, King of Mycenae, brought to Ithaca by his sister Elektra after he killed his mother Clytemnestra. His violent uncle Menelaus longs to take his throne, and Penelope — and her kingdom — are now caught in the middle of this deadly family feud, even as the goddess Aphrodite watches and makes her own plans.

Release date: Aug. 22


"He Who Drowned the World" by Shelley Parker-Chan

"He Who Drowned the World," Shelley Parker-Chan's much-anticipated sequel to "She Who Became the Sun," is finally here. In the conclusion to the duology, Zhu Yuanzhang, the Radiant King, is fresh off a victory over the Mongols. Now, she's searching for an even greater ambition: to sit on the imperial throne. Meanwhile, the courtesan Madam Zhang is likewise scheming to secure the throne for her husband (and herself), and vengeful scholar Wang Baoxiang has ingratiated himself into a position of power to carry out his own plans. None of the would-be rulers are willing to bend, so someone will have to break.

Release date: Aug. 22


"The Phoenix King" by Aparna Verma

Aparna Verma launches a new trilogy with "The Phoenix King," an epic fantasy drawing on Hindu mythology. In the kingdom of Ravani, fire is power, and three very different people will face the whims of the Phoenix. Elena is a queen-in-waiting struggling to harness the power of the Eternal Flame. Leo, the king, is not quite ready to give up his crown, not until he can feel that his kingdom and family will be safe — but hanging onto power comes at a price. Then, there's Yassen, a former assassin looking for redemption, even if it means serving the royals he once set out to eliminate.

Release date: Aug. 29


"Assistant to the Villain" by Hannah Nicole Maehrer

If your fantasy tastes run more to the quirky and comic side, you might like "Assistant to the Villain" by Hannah Nicole Maehrer. When the notorious Villain needs some administrative help, Evie signs right up, desperate for a job to support her family. It takes some getting used to, but she starts to be pretty good at her job (even if she does develop an inconvenient crush on the Villain himself). When a nefarious plot to take out the Villain begins to reveal itself, Evie might be the only one who can solve it — or she might find herself in the crossfire.

Release date: Aug. 29


"The Carnivale of Curiosities" by Amiee Gibbs

If you love star-crossed romance, Faustian deals, and the glamour and mystery of the circus, then "The Carnivale of Curiosities" by Amiee Gibbs should definitely be on your TBR list! In a strange circus in Victorian London, rumors spread that the proprietor, Aurelius Ashe, has the ability to make any dream come true — for a price, of course. The circus is also home to Lucien, a boy with the ability to conjure fire, and Charlotte, Ashe's ward. When one of the most dangerous men in London blackmails Ashe, the proprietor is left with no choice but to make a devastating deal that unearths secrets and puts everyone's lives in peril.

Release date: July 11


"The Saint of Bright Doors" by Vajra Chandrasekera

In "The Saint of Bright Doors" by Vajra Chandrasekera, the ordinary world comes up against the magic of mysterious portals and vicious antigods. Raised from childhood as an assassin against the sainted — his own father included — Fetter escapes his small town and moves to a city where "divine destinies" are everywhere. Revolutionary sentiments lurk under the guise of innocuous group therapy, the arrival of a god is portended via spam emails, and strange portals lurk behind plenty of doors. As Fetter unpacks the realities of his own dangerous past, his journey of self-discovery could wind up changing the entire world.

Release date: July 11


"Ebony Gate" by Julia Vee and Ken Bebelle

Described as a women-driven "John Wick" set in San Francisco's Chinatown and featuring dragons, "Ebony Gate" by Julia Vee and Ken Bebelle combines epic magic with sharp urban fantasy. Emiko Soong, known as the Blade of the Soong Clan, never needed magic, despite belonging to one of the eight most powerful magical families in the world. Then, a devastating battle sends her into hiding, living a quiet life as an antique dealer. When a shinigami, a god of death, calls in her family's blood debt, she must take up her blade again and recover the gate that holds back an army of the underworld, or her own soul is forfeit.

Release date: July 11


"The Judas Blossom" by Stephen Aryan

Set in a fantastical version of the Mongol Empire, "The Judas Blossom" by Stephen Aryan reimagines the 13th-century Mongol invasion of Persia through the eyes of four key figures. Hulagu Khan, grandson of the legendary Genghis Khan, insists that war and violence are the only ways to expand their empire further. Temujin Khan, his youngest son, may not be a warrior, but he may have other gifts that surprise them all. Kokochin, a princess and the last of her people, is one of Hulagu's many wives, but she's determined to make a difference. And Kaivon, a Persian rebel out for revenge, is biding his time until he can strike at the very heart of the empire that attacked his people.

Release date: July 11


"Dark Water Daughter" by H.M. Long

For an epic fantasy crossed with pirate adventure, pick up H.M. Long's "Dark Water Daughter." Mary, a stormsinger, has the power to control the tempestuous seas, but even her powers cannot save her from servitude to the pirate lord Lirr. To save herself, she bargains with his nemesis: her skills at his service in exchange for his help destroying Lirr. Samuel, a disgraced former naval officer, is out for his own revenge against Lirr, and he's also in search of a talisman — stolen by Mary — that keeps his own demons at bay. Pushed to the ends of the Earth (literally), Mary and Samuel will have to make the hard choices to conquer forces beyond their reckoning.

Release date: July 18


"The Third Daughter" by Adrienne Tooley

In Adrienne Tooley's "The Third Daughter," the people of Velle have waited for their prophesied heroine to arrive, the third daughter of a third daughter. When the queen gives birth to the long-awaited New Maiden, everyone is delighted — except Elodie, her eldest daughter, who has just lost her inheritance and her future crown. She seeks the aid of a magical apothecary, Sabine, but accidentally gives her new sister Brianne a vial of sadness, not a harmless sleeping potion. When Brianne slips into an enchanted slumber, Elodie and Sabine must work together to revive the New Maiden, even as an attraction between the two young women grows hard to ignore.

Release date: July 18


"The Jasad Heir" by Sara Hashem

Inspired by Egyptian lore and history, Sara Hashem's "The Jasad Heir" features everything you love about epic fantasy: complex world building, dangerous politics, a lost heir in hiding, slow-burn romance, and more. A decade ago, the kingdom of Jasad was destroyed along with its royal family — except for Sylvia, the lost heir who hides in the shadows and hopes never to be found. When she accidentally displays her magic in front of Arin, the prince of the empire who destroyed her home, she's forced to make a deal to help him find Jasadi rebels in order to save herself. As an unexpected connection forms between them, Sylvia must choose between the role she once had and the future she could build.

Release date: July 18


"The Weaver and the Witch Queen" by Genevieve Gornichec

Viking history and Norse mythology collide in "The Weaver and the Witch Queen" by Genevieve Gornichec. In 10th-century Norway, ambitious Gunnhild and quiet Oddny become fast friends, along with Oddny's sister Signy. A wise woman's prophecy spooks the girls and leads them to take a blood oath to protect each other always. When Signy is kidnapped and the family farm destroyed by Viking raiders, Oddny is determined to rescue her sister — even as she finds herself drawn to one of the raiding party. Meanwhile, Gunnhild, now learning witchcraft in the remote north, learns that her own story is inextricably bound with the king, Erik. The women's journeys intersect as they strive to keep their long-ago oath, no matter the cost.

Release date: July 18


"The Sun and the Void" by Gabriela Romero Lacruz

Gabriela Romero Lacruz builds a vibrant, complicated world of determined women, dangerous magic, and whispering gods based on South American folklore in "The Sun and the Void." When Reina, an outcast, journeys to her grandmother in search of aid, she is set upon by deadly creatures. Her grandmother saves her life, revealing herself to be a powerful sorceress who now demands Reina's loyalty — as does an ancient god. Eva, meanwhile, is a young woman who seems to be perfect in every way, but she too holds a secret: magic calls to her. When she answers its siren call, she'll become something she never thought possible.

Release date: July 25


"Immortal Longings" by Chloe Gong

Chloe Gong draws inspiration from Shakespeare's "Antony and Cleopatra" for "Immortal Longings." An annual tournament of dangerous games draws competitors who hope to use the ability to jump between bodies as a chance to win unthinkable riches. Princess Calla Tuoleimi joins the games in hopes of having the chance to kill her uncle, the king and the last survivor of the monarchy she's trying to destroy. She finds unexpected allies in Anton, an exiled aristocrat trying to keep his comatose childhood love alive, and August, the earnest adopted son of the king. As their relationships grow more tangled and the games more dangerous, Calla finds herself faced with a familiar dilemma: love or power.

Release date: July 25


"Shadows of the Lost" by Maxym M. Martineau

Maxym M. Martineau's "Shadows of the Lost" is the first installment in a new fantasy series set in a world of mysterious beasts, immortals, and forbidden love. When he was first alive, Gaige was a Charmer, with the power to bond with magical beasts. Then, he suddenly died and was reborn as one of the immortal assassins of Cruor, with more power than he ever dreamed of — and a darkness waiting to claim him. Kost, the leader of the assassins, bears the heavy burden of guilt over Gaige's fate, but that guilt is mixed with a powerful longing between the two of them — if they can learn to trust again.

Release date: June 6


"Secret of the Moon Conch" by David Bowles and Guadalupe García McCall

"Secret of the Moon Conch" by David Bowles and Guadalupe García McCall toggles between modern-day Mexico and 1521 Tenochtitlan, where two people are bonded by a mystical conch shell. After her abuela's death, Sitlali is targeted by a gang and plans to flee to America to find her father, taking the conch as a memento of home. In 1521, Calizto is trapped in Tenochtitlan as it is besieged by the Spanish, and he uses his mother's conch to plead with the gods for aid. Somehow, the shell allows the two to connect across centuries, even as the dangers in their own times increase every day.

Release date: June 6


"Ruling Destiny" by Alyson Noël

Alyson Noël continues the Stealing Infinity series with "Ruling Destiny." At a magical academy, Natasha finds herself thrown through time, with her mysterious power to "Trip" from era to era at a glance. Torn between loyal Killian and charming yet untrustworthy Braxton, she's on a mission to figure out the truth behind her strange abilities, all while investigating mysterious disappearances and webs of lies on top of lies. The eccentric billionaire who runs the school has an ambitious agenda that spells danger for them all, and if Natasha's suspicions are right, it's not just the school in danger — it's all of time.

Release date: June 6


"The First Bright Thing" by J.R. Dawson

The mystery and magic of the circus has inspired plenty of fantasy stories, and "The First Bright Thing" by J.R. Dawson is the latest to take advantage of this atmospheric setting. In the years after World War I, time traveler Rin and her trapeze-artist wife, Odette, lead a circus that serves as a safe haven for magical, mystical misfits. As the Circus of the Fantasticals brings magic to every town it visits, darkness threatens to catch up with them. Rin's past is about to catch up with all of them, along with a vicious rival ringmaster who rules his circus with dark power and won't stop until he gets what he wants.

Release date: June 13


"Savage Crowns" by Matt Wallace

Matt Wallace wraps up his Savage Rebellion trilogy with "Savage Crowns." Evie, the Sparrow General, has been captured by Skrian, Crache's vicious army, and is being brought back to the Capitol to be punished, but she hasn't been left all alone. Dyeawan, the former street urchin turned power broker, has found herself in the highest seat of power in the land. But whispers of rebellion are growing louder, and word of a martyr could lead to a coup that would end her rule before it has even begun. Evie and Dyeawan must face one another and either find a shared vision for the future of Crache or launch one final battle.

Release date: June 13


"Psyche and Eros" by Luna McNamara

If mythological romances are your style, then pick up "Psyche and Eros" by Luna McNamara. Psyche, a princess of Mycenae, is prophesied to defeat a monster that even the gods fear, and she spends her early life training as a warrior to meet her destiny. When Psyche angers Aphrodite, the goddess sends Eros, god of desire, to enact a terrible curse. Instead, Eros pricks himself with the arrow meant for Psyche, dooming himself to yearn for a woman he cannot have. Together, the pair will face seemingly insurmountable challenges, and the looming Trojan War could tear them apart before they have the chance to find out what they could be if they were free.

Release date: June 13


"The Shadow Cabinet" by Juno Dawson

Juno Dawson's "The Shadow Cabinet" picks up right where "Her Majesty's Royal Coven" left off, with the witch Niamh dead and her chaotic, vengeful twin, Ciara, masquerading as her. As Ciara struggles with amnesia and works to fool even Niamh's nearest and dearest, she also slowly comes to discover how the world remembers her after all these years. Meanwhile, the witches are in search of Dabney Hale, a renegade warlock seeking a dark means of gaining unlimited power, and a "Shadow Cabinet" of ordinary humans grows more and more suspicious. If the witches don't get answers soon, all of witch-kind — and all of humanity — could pay the price.

Release date: June 20


"Gods of the Wyrdwood" by RJ Barker

RJ Barker launches a new fantasy trilogy with "Gods of the Wyrdwood." Cahan du Nahare is an expert forester, able to navigate the dangers of the Deepforest like few others can. He has a secret, though: long ago, he served a god of fire. When Udinny, who serves the goddess of the lost, needs help finding a lost child in the Deepforest, Cahan becomes her guide to the risky territory. Soon, however, their quest becomes part of a greater battle that pits the servants of one god against those of another, and Cahan will have to choose where his loyalties truly lie.

Release date: June 27


"A Crown of Ivy and Glass" by Claire Legrand

Claire Legrand launches a new trilogy with "A Crown of Ivy and Glass," set in a world of gods-blessed nobility, blood feuds, and mysterious magic. Gemma is the only member of her noble, magical family who cannot do magic, which leaves her constantly ill and on the sidelines. When she meets Talan, the lone survivor of a disgraced family, they strike a deal to restore his place in society and help her halt a blood feud. Nothing goes to plan, however, and attacks on a source of magic threaten them all, even as Gemma draws closer to Talan and learns more about her own potential power.

Release date: June 13


"Fourth Wing" by Rebecca Yarros

"The Magicians" meets "Game of Thrones" in "Fourth Wing," the new fantasy epic by Rebecca Yarros. Twenty-year-old Violet survived a near-deadly illness when she was younger, and she now looks forward to a quiet, studious life in the Scribe Quadrant of the kingdom. Her imperious mother, general of the army, has other plans, and Violet is forced to join the brutal, often-deadly college that trains elite dragon riders instead. Violet will need every bit of her courage, plus some allies, to survive the dangers posed both by the dragons themselves and by her classmates — including the children of former rebels who would rather see her dead.

Release date: May 2


"A Shadow Crown" by Melissa Blair

"A Shadow Crown" by Melissa Blair is the second book in the Halfling Saga, picking up right where "A Broken Blade" left off. Keera lives a double life: in public, as the king's most feared and deadly assassin; in private, as an ally to Prince Killian and the Fae Riven, who together plot to kill the tyrannical king. Keera, a halfling, longs for acceptance and a place where she belongs, but even in the idyllic city of Myrelinth, where fae, elves, and halflings live in peace, Keera cannot escape her past. Even as she struggles to overcome past betrayals, a traitor lurks in their midst, and Keera herself becomes the prime suspect.

Release date: May 9


"To Shape a Dragon's Breath" by Moniquill Blackgoose

Moniquill Blackgoose combines dragon mythology with sharp commentary on colonization and the struggles of indigenous populations in "To Shape a Dragon's Breath." When the teenage Anequs finds a dragon egg and bonds with the newly-hatched beast, her people celebrate her and recall the days when their people lived in harmony with dragons. However, the conquerors of her people's land have a very different perspective, and they believe Anequs is not fit to raise and bond with a dragon. Finally, they come to a reluctant agreement. Anequs must enroll in one of their academies and conform to their ways, and if she fails, her dragon will be killed.

Release date: May 9


"Bound by Sword and Spirit" by Andrea Robertson

Andrea Robertsons's "Loresmith" trilogy comes to a conclusion with "Bound by Sword and Spirit." The evil Vokkans are descending on the world that our heroine Ara is desperate to protect, and she and her companions find themselves separated at the worst time. Teth has been betrayed by his supposed friend Eamon and must contend with a dark secret from the past, while Eamon struggles with his own plan to help his sister and redeem himself, if that's possible. Ara and her Loreknights could be the only thing standing between their world and utter destruction, and they'll need all the help they can get to succeed.

Release date: May 16


"Of Light and Shadow" by Tanaz Bhathena

Tanaz Bhathena creates a fantasy universe inspired by Indian mythology in "Of Light and Shadow." Orphaned at birth and adopted by the king of bandits, Roshan now leads a clan of farmers-turned-bandits whose lives have been ruined by the corrupt government. She's out for revenge for her adopted father and justice for her people. When her Shadow Clan captures Prince Navin, the second son of the king, he hopes that he can get close to Roshan and escape. Instead, he learns more than he ever imagined about the corruption at the heart of the government and even his own family, and the duo's burgeoning attraction may or may not be enough to get past their mutual distrust.

Release date: May 23


"The Will of the Many" by James Islington

James Islington launches a new fantasy series with "The Will of the Many," inspired by tales of ancient Rome. The Catenan Republic is ruled by the Hierarchy, which puts down rebellion without a second thought and drains the strength of the ordinary people in order to support those "higher up." A young fugitive, going by the name of Vis, enters an elite academy with a tale of being orphaned young and a promise to offer his strength (his Will) to add to the power of those on top. In reality, he's at the academy with a purpose: to solve a murder, find a weapon, and uncover the secrets that could tear apart the empire that destroyed his family.

Release date: May 23


"Perilous Times" by Thomas D. Lee

Thomas D. Lee puts a new spin on the classic myths of King Arthur and the Round Table with "Perilous Times." Centuries and centuries ago, Sir Kay was a hero of Camelot, riding alongside his brother Arthur and the other Knights. He's also an immortal, having seen the great battles of human history and watched empires rise, fall, and reshape. Now, he finds himself in a nearly unrecognizable world, ravaged by climate change and transformed into a militarized dystopia. Marian, an ordinary woman struggling against a broken system, hopes Kay can help uncover and defeat an apocalyptic plot, but even an ancient knight may not be a match for the dangers of this future.

Release date: May 23


"Threads That Bind" by Kika Hatzopoulou

Kika Hatzopoulou puts a new and thrilling spin on Greek mythology with "Threads That Bind." In this world, the children of Greek gods inherit their parents' powers, and the world they inhabit resembles a fantasy noir setting, full of dangers and corruption. The Ora sisters are, like all descendants of the Fates, born in threes, and the youngest, Io, works as a private investigator in a half-sunken city. Then, she uncovers a conspiracy: someone is maiming women's life-threads and setting loose deadly wraiths in the city. She'll have to work with Edei, the boy with whom she shares a fate thread, and find out what's really happening, even as those closest to her prove they can't be trusted.

Release date: May 30


"Witch King" by Martha Wells

Kai, the protagonist of Martha Wells's "Witch King," doesn't quite seem like your typical fantasy hero at first. He's a demon — or, perhaps, he was a demon. After being assassinated, Kai's consciousness remains, floating in some in-between space until he is awakened by a lesser mage hoping to channel Kai's power for his own ends. Now, Kai must try to figure out what happened to get him murdered in the first place, how much has changed in the time that has passed since then, and why a mysterious, shady council is growing in power. It will take a lot of magic, and some useful allies, to uncover the truth in time.

Release date: May 30


"Silver in the Bone" by Alexandra Bracken

Alexandra Bracken, best known for "Lore," returns with "Silver in the Bone," a new fantasy that puts a twist on Arthurian legends. Tamsin has no magic of her own, but when her foster father disappears without a trace, she dives headfirst into the pursuit of enchanted relics to provide for herself and her brother. A decade later, rumors swirl that her disappeared guardian had found a ring with roots in Arthurian lore — a ring that could free her brother from a dangerous curse. With powerful sorcerers closing in, Tamsin reluctantly teams up with her rival, Emrys, hoping to uncover the secrets of the past and find the ring before her hopes are dashed forever.

Release date: April 4


"Blood Debts" by Terry J. Benton-Walker

Terry J. Benton-Walker transforms modern-day New Orleans into the site of generations of magical feuds in "Blood Debts." Thirty years ago, a magical family were dethroned and massacred, and today, the would-be heirs are Clement and Cristina Trudeau, 16-year-old twins who have a complicated relationship with their magic and each other. Cristina has given up magic after a spell gone wrong led to tragedy, while Clement tries to lose himself in the magic to avoid his pent-up anger and pain. The siblings will have to put their own tensions aside to team up and figure out who's coming after their family again. If they can't, they're not the only ones in danger, and both the magical and nonmagical communities could pay the price.

Release date: April 4


"Divine Rivals" by Rebecca Ross

Magical letters and a mysterious war between gods create the atmosphere of "Divine Rivals" by Rebecca Ross. Long after the gods were supposedly bested and put into a permanent slumber, a violent god has risen again, and he and his rival are both calling to mortals to fight for them. Iris, a young journalist, struggles to compete for a columnist role against her all-too-perfect rival, Roman, but finds solace in a blossoming closeness with a magical pen pal she discovers when trying to write to her brother, who's away at war. What she doesn't know is that the man on the other side of the correspondence is Roman, and both of them are about to be plunged straight into a battle neither of them could imagine.

Release date: April 4


"Wings Once Cursed & Bound" by Piper J. Drake

"Wings Once Cursed & Bound" by Piper J. Drake combines familiar fantasy elements with Thai mythology. Peeraphan lives a seemingly normal life in Seattle, unaware that she's actually a Thai bird princess of legend. When she's attacked, she's rescued by vampire Bennett Andrews, but not in time to prevent her from falling victim to a curse. The pair venture deep into the magical underworld in search of a solution before the curse can progress any further, even as Peeraphan's powers develop in unexpected ways. Even if she can break the curse, she's not sure she can ever return to the life she knew before.

Release date: April 11


"The Haunting of Alejandra" by V. Castro

V. Castro's "The Haunting of Alejandra" weaves together Mexican folklore, fantasy, and a touch of horror in its tale of demons and curses. On the outside, Alejandra seems like a perfectly normal wife and mother. But on the inside, she's haunted by ghostly visions of La Llorona, a vengeful spirit of Mexican legend. As she looks for answers, diving into her family history, Alejandra soon learns that the women in her family have a history with the spirit; she is not the first to see it, nor to be tempted by its call. She will have to summon the strength of generations to banish La Llorona forever — or be lost to its darkness.

Release date: April 18


"The Bone Shard War" by Andrea Stewart

Andrea Stewart brings her Drowning Empire trilogy to an end with "The Bone Shard War." Lin Sukai has survived — and won — her first battle as Emperor, but the fate of the Phoenix Empire is far from certain. She'll need plenty of allies to hold on to her victory, but she seems to be running low on those, too. Her governors conspire against her, rebellions brew, and old enemies seem to be gaining strength at every turn. To turn the tide in her favor, she sets out on one more quest: to find seven mythical swords forged in past eras. If she can't reach them in time, though, her empire may fall.

Release date: April 18


"A Sleight of Shadows" by Kat Howard

New York City is home to an underworld of powerful magicians in "A Sleight of Shadows," Kat Howard's second book in her "Unseen World" series. Sydney has successfully destroyed the source corrupting the Unseen World, but it's come at a price: her powers are almost entirely drained. It couldn't happen at a worse time, as the deadly House of Shadows is slowly rebuilding itself and the magic of the Unseen World is behaving strangely. She's determined to keep the House of Shadows from returning, but powerful forces are fighting against her, and this time, her determination and courage might not be enough.

Release date: April 25


"That Self-Same Metal" by Brittany N. Williams

Brittany N. Williams crafts an epic fantasy with a Shakespearean backdrop in "That Self-Same Metal." At the age of 16, Joan is a talented enough craftswoman to be entrusted with making and maintaining all the blades for Shakespeare's plays. Her talent comes from her magical ability to control metal, and her entire family is Orisha-blessed. The other side of her family's powers is the ability to sense the presence of the Fae among humans, and when it seems like there is a sudden uptick in violent Fae attacks, Joan finds herself right in the middle of a potential war that bridges two worlds.

Release date: April 25


"A Game of Malice and Greed" by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti

From Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti, authors of the BookTok-beloved Zodiac Academy series, comes "A Game of Malice and Greed," the first book in a new fantasy saga. The new series puts a fresh spin on fairy tales and fae mythology for an adventure full of romance, mystery, and, of course, plenty of magic. It's packed to the brim with twists on the classic elements that you know and love from the fantasy genre: a competition for the hand of a princess, a cursed kingdom, a forbidden love with devastating consequences, and tales of monsters, gods, and immortals all woven together.

Release date: March 3


"The Faithless" by C.L. Clark

C.L. Clark continues her Magic of the Lost saga with "The Faithless," the second book in the series. After a successful rebellion, princess Luca returns home to claim her throne, but her uncle refuses to let go of power without a fight. She'll need allies, and they're fast disappearing, so she turns again to Touraine, the soldier who saw her through her first adventures. Touraine is trying to help her land recover from the ravages of the empire but struggles to find ways to lead in a time of peace. If Luca isn't on the throne, or can't convince her uncle to ratify a peace treaty, all their battles could be for nothing.

Release date: March 7


"Weyward" by Emilia Hart

For a subtler take on the fantasy genre, pick up Emilia Hart's "Weyward." The story alternates between three women in the same family, separated by centuries, and all of whom have a powerful connection to the natural world. In 1619, Altha writes her memoirs as she awaits her trial for witchcraft. During World War II, Violet struggles against the limits placed on her because of her gender and tries to learn the truth about what happened to her mother. In 2019, Kate flees an abusive relationship to a cottage inherited from her great-aunt, where she begins to uncover the secrets of her family — and potentially her own power, too.

Release date: March 7


"The Foxglove King" by Hannah Whitten

Hannah Whitten launches a new fantasy series with "The Foxglove King," centered on Lore, a girl with death magic. She's been living underground (literally) since she escaped a cult at age 13, working as a poisons runner to earn food and shelter. When one run goes wrong, her highly prized — and highly dangerous — power is revealed, and she's taken by an order of warrior monks who are permitted to use death magic in service to the king. Instead of being executed or imprisoned, Lore is brought into the court, guarded by a noble-turned-monk, and wary of the king's heir. She's soon sent on a misson: to find out why entire villages have been dying and to pinpoint who's responsible, all while navigating the power plays at this treacherous court.

Release date: March 7


"Arca" by G.R. Macallister

G.R. Macallister continues her epic Five Queendoms series with "Arca," the second book in a planned series of five. The Drought of Girls has ended, but its ramifications are still causing upheaval throughout the Five Queendoms. In Paxim, Queen Heliane plans to make her son the first-ever male ruler, causing dissent at every level. Arca's succession crisis has left a young, uncertain queen on the throne, and she struggles to find her footing, while the army of Scorpica, their warrior-culture neighbors, lurk at their borders. Elsewhere, hidden heirs and magical beings wait in the shadows for their time to come. It's "Game of Thrones" without dragons but with a matriarchal society packed with power plays and epic battles.

Release date: March 7


"The Adventures of Amina al-Sirafi" by Shannon Chakraborty

"The Adventures of Amina Al-Sirafi" brings "The City of Brass" author Shannon Chakraborty into adult fantasy with a vibrant new adventure. Amina al-Sarafi, who has spent years becoming one of the Indian Ocean's most notorious pirates, retires to a lifetime of peace and satisfaction — or so she thinks. She's pulled out of retirement when the wealthy mother of a former crewman offers her an enormous reward to rescue her old colleague's kidnapped daughter. Tempted by the reward and the possibility of one last adventure with her crew, Amina agrees. She soon realizes, however, that there's much more behind the kidnapping, and there are supernatural plots afoot.

Release date: March 7


"The Fairy Bargains of Prospect Hill" by Rowenna Miller

For anyone who loves faerie mythology but is looking for something more "cozy" than "epic," check out "The Fairy Bargains of Prospect Hill" by Rowenna Miller. Generations ago, the farmers and villagers of Prospect Hill learned to barter with the Fae who live on the other side of the veil, but that knowledge was lost with the dawn of industrialization. Today, Alaine's family still hold onto some of the old superstitions. When her sister Delphine confides that her intended husband is not who he seems to be, Alaine will stop at nothing to help her break free, even if it means calling upon the magic that hasn't been touched in centuries.

Release date: March 28


"Chaos & Flame" by Tessa Gratton and Justina Ireland

"Chaos & Flame" is the first in a planned duology from Tessa Gratton and Justina Ireland. Darling, an orphan girl, sets out to save her adoptive father, who has been captured by House Dragon, the faction that killed her birth family. Talon, a prince and younger brother of the ruling House Dragon prince, grows frustrated with his brother's cruel and erratic rule. When their paths cross, Darling and Talon become unlikely allies — and possibly more — as they work to unravel what the High Prince Regent is doing, but even their newfound alliance might not be able to withstand the devastation about to be unleashed on their world.

Release date: March 28


"Wildblood" by Lauren Blackwood

Lauren Blackwood's eerie fantasy novels draw loosely upon classic Gothic literature, and her latest, "Wildblood," is like an anticolonialist take on "Heart of Darkness." Deep in a haunted Jamaican jungle, Victoria is pressed into service to use her magic to protect tourists who want to explore the wilderness. When she's passed over for a promotion, she is determined to prove herself on the next expedition, where Thorn, a gold miner, seeks a legendary treasure. Thorn is nothing like the men (and women) Victoria has worked for before, but the dangers that lurk in the jungle make no exceptions for love, and she soon must decide whether to forge her own path or stick to the life she knows.

Release date: Feb. 7


"The Last Tale of the Flower Bride" by Roshani Chokshi

If you like your fantasy a little more horror-tinged, pick up Roshani Chokshi's "The Last Tale of the Flower Bride," an eerily Gothic story about the dark side of fairy tales. A scholar of myth and fairy tale marries a beautiful, wealthy, and mysterious heiress named Indigo. All seems well, except for one promise she demands of her new husband: never ask about her past. When the couple returns to Indigo's childhood home to care for her ailing aunt, he cannot resist exploring the secrets lurking in the manor's crumbling, haunted rooms. Soon, he uncovers another mystery: what really happened to Azure, Indigo's childhood friend who disappeared under strange circumstances.

Release date: Feb. 14


"These Infinite Threads" by Tahereh Mafi

"These Infinite Threads" picks up where Mafi's "This Woven Kingdom" leaves off, with star-crossed lovers Alizeh and Kamran struggling with their shared attraction amid a brewing conflict between their people. Alizeh is the heir to the Jinn throne, destined to free her people from the oppression they have suffered at the hands of humans, and now she is the captive of Cyrus, king of a neighboring kingdom. He plans to marry her and help her restore her throne — with some benefits to him, of course — but she wants no part of his plot and seeks another way to save her people. Kamran's grandfather lies dead at Cyrus's hands, and Kamran knows he is obligated to exact revenge, but he's more concerned about finding Alizeh before it's too late.

Release date: Feb. 7


"Seven Faceless Saints" by M.K. Lobb

Powerful saints and their disciples rule the city of Ombrazia in "Seven Faceless Saints" by M.K. Lobb, leaving ordinary citizens vulnerable to their whims. After her father's murder by the Ombrazian military, Rossana embraces her own powers as a disciple, joins the rebellion, and tries to forget the boy who broke her heart: Damian, the youngest captain in history, who nevertheless can't help questioning the things he's supposed to believe in. When a serial killer strikes down a disciple as its latest victim, Damian and Rossana must team up to solve the case and protect their people, but their investigations uncover something darker than they imagined.

Release date: Feb. 7


"Immortality: A Love Story" by Dana Schwartz

Dana Schwartz follows up her haunted romance "Anatomy" with a sequel, "Immortality: A Love Story." In Regency-era London, Hazel, a young physician, tries to recover from the past year's events, in which she uncovered a plot, fell in love, discovered the existence of immortality, and seemingly lost her true love. After being arrested for a medical intervention gone wrong, Hazel is instead personally requested by the king to tend to his sickly and precious heir, Princess Charlotte. As Hazel learns more about the secrets kept at court — particularly a mysterious society — she is reunited with Jack, her lost love who is now searching for a cure to his immortality. Their search will put them in danger's way because behind the glamour of the monarchy hides something dark.

Release date: Feb. 28


"The Wicked Bargain" by Gabe Cole Novoa

Swashbuckling pirate adventure meets haunted Latinx queer YA fantasy in "The Wicked Bargain" by Gabe Cole Novoa. Mar, a transmasculine nonbinary young pirate, is hiding their magical ability to manipulate fire and ice, but their powers aren't enough when el Diablo comes to collect on a bargain made by Mar's father, costing the souls of everyone on the ship. A pirate crew miraculously rescues Mar, but el Diablo returns and tracks them down, issuing an ultimatum: Mar can sacrifice their own soul to save their father, or never see him again. Outmatched and desperate, Mar turns to a team of unexpected and mysterious allies in hopes of finally gaining the strength to harness their magic — if it's not too late.

Release date: Feb. 28


"A Day of Fallen Night" by Samantha Shannon

"A Day of Fallen Night" takes place in the same universe as Shannon's bestseller "The Priory of the Orange Tree." A prequel that delves further into that book's rich mythology and world building, the story follows the intersecting lives and fates of four women: Tunuva, a sister of the Priory during a time when some question the need for its existence; Sabran, a queen who marries to save her kingdom; Glorian, her daughter who watches from the shadows; and Dumai, who has spent her life trying to wake the gods. When the Dreadmount erupts, chaos and violence follow, and these four women will be pivotal in ensuring that humankind survives.

Release date: Feb. 28


"The Magician's Daughter" by H.G. Parry

"The Magician's Daughter" by H.G. Parry takes readers to a magically hidden island off the coast of early-1900s Ireland, where a girl named Biddy lives with her guardian, the magician Rowan. When Rowan fails to return one night, Biddy decides to venture into the outside world for the first time in hopes of finding him. What she doesn't know, however, is just how many enemies Rowan has and how they've been hoarding the world's magic for themselves. Biddy could be the one person who can stop them, but there's a lot she has to learn about herself and about the world first.

Release date: Feb. 28


"The Stolen Heir" by Holly Black

Bestselling fantasy author Holly Black launches a new duology with "The Stolen Heir." Set in the world of Elfhame, which was first introduced in the Folk of the Air trilogy, the story picks up eight years after the great Battle of the Serpent. In the Court of Teeth in the North, Lady Nore has taken power and uses an ancient relic to build an army to do her bidding. Meanwhile, Suren, the rightful young queen of the court, has fled to exile in the human world. When she is rescued from a frightening pursuit by Prince Oak, heir to Elfhame and her onetime betrothed, their lives and the fate of the North are changed forever.

Release date: Jan.3


"Song of Silver, Flame Like Night" by Amélie Wen Zhao

Weaving together inspiration from Chinese folklore and mythology with a brand-new fantasy tale, Amélie Wen Zhao's "Song of Silver, Flame Like Night" creates a rich world in a tale of a people rising up against oppressive conquerors. When outsiders stormed in and conquered her kingdom, Lan lost everything: her name was changed, her magic was banned, and her mother was killed — but not before branding Lan with a mysterious mark as her last act. Now, Lan scavenges to get by and seeks answers about the mark. One night, Zen, one of the last magicians in existence, saves her life and recognizes the mark as designating her as a practioner with immense magic. Together, they'll journey through the kingdom to find a group of surviving magicians, who have their own plans to overthrow the invaders.

Release date: Jan. 3


"Emily Wilde's Encyclopaedia of Faeries" by Heather Fawcett

Heather Fawcett puts a heartwarming spin on fantasy lore with "Emily Wilde's Encyclopaedia of Faeries." Emily Wilde is a talented professor who is compiling the first-ever encyclopedia of faerie lore, but the one thing she's terrible at is interacting with her fellow human beings. When she arrives in a small town to pursue more of her faerie studies, she doesn't plan on connecting with the townspeople — or her academic rival Wendell Bambleby, who also shows up in the same town. As Emily pursues a breakthrough in her research, she's also faced with figuring out what Wendell is up to and what she herself really wants out of her future.

Release date: Jan. 10


"The Daughters of Izdihar" by Hadeer Elsbai

"The Daughters of Izdihar" launches Hadeer Elsbai's new duology, drawing inspiration from modern Egyptian history. Nehal is a waterweaver who desperately wants to attend an academy and join the first all-women military regiment. Unfortunately, her family can't afford to send her, instead marrying her off to a wealthy but indifferent merchant, Nico, who is already in love with Giorgina, a seemingly ordinary bookseller. Giorgina has a secret, though: she's an earthweaver with strong, unpredictable powers and an affiliation with a radical women's rights group. Nehal, Nico, and Giorgina's lives intersect thanks to this cause, but a threat from a foreign enemy could end weavers altogether.

Release date: Jan. 10


"Hell Bent" by Leigh Bardugo

"Hell Bent," Bardugo's sequel to "Ninth House," takes readers on a journey from academia to hell and beyond. Alex, a scholarship student at Yale with supernatural powers, is on a quest: open a portal to hell and rescue her former mentor from the underworld. Without official backup, she and her allies will have to form a team of misfits in order to navigate a mysterious and dangerous mission. When faculty members start dying under strange circumstances, Alex knows that the seemingly random deaths must be connected to the supernatural secrets that lurk all around them.

Release date: Jan. 10


"Chain of Thorns" by Cassandra Clare

The Last Hours trilogy, the most recent series in Clare's sprawling Shadowhunter universe, wraps up with "Chain of Thorns." After losing her family, her marriage to James Herondale, her best friend, her Shadowhunter powers, and everything she holds dear — not to mention being bound to the ancient demon Lilith — Cordelia Carstairs flees to Paris with Matthew Fairchild. Then devastating news breaks: London is under attack by the prince of Hell, who has a devastating connection to the Herondale line. With secrets tearing friends and allies apart, Cordelia, James, and their friends will need all their strength and faith in each other to fight off this new evil once and for all.

Release date: Jan. 31

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