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Founder of Tharros Media, Adam's passionate about small business. Growing up
in a family that had a small business, he learned the meaning of hard work.
Watching his father work 12-14 hour days for years, he was inspired.

Working with his fathers' company for 9 years, he learned the ins and outs of
internet marketing. He decided it was time to start his own company after
many in-depth conversations with his father; and the direction of his

That's when Tharros Media was born. Tharros Media was founded on the guiding
principles to do what's right for clients, even if it's the hard thing to do.
Focusing on ROI and proving their marketing efforts bring actual revenue,
Tharros Media has steadily grown.

Currently, Tharros Media is focused on internet marketing and specializing in
SEO - forcing Google to send visitors to your website. The Baltimore-based
agency helps their local clients move higher in search results, bringing in
more customers.

Visit their website at
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