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Alle is a holistic nutritionist and whole foods chef specializing in hidden food allergies and alternative diets. She is the founder of Flora Ex Machina - a whole food-focused blog and wellness company reviving natural, holistic healing modalities while incorporating traditional food preparations and pure ingredients for optimal health. My creativity and passion for all things holistic came out of a frustration and necessity to find answers to my own health issues, unresolved by allopathic medicine. I wasn’t satisfied with the answers I would constantly receive from doctors and practitioners - that my symptoms were just a part of life - or that I would have to accept that I would be on prescription drugs for the rest of my life (often each drug had its own list of additional symptoms and side effects). I live daily with the focus that food can either harm or fuel the body, and if given a chance one can truly heal and restore the body on a cellular level. Knowledge, quality and purity of ingredients are of the utmost importance, and it has become my goal to share this knowledge in a beautiful and accessible way while maintaining the fact that healthy cuisine and holistic knowledge can be both delicious and empowering.

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