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Upon sitting down to dinner last night, my pal announced, "I will never use normal towels again." Now, she's rather dramatic, so I expected her to launch into a tale of why towels were the reason for all the world's problems. No dice. Before cluing me in to anything more, she added, ". . . and you shouldn't either."

She eventually clarified that face washing and showering were OK, but said she'll never again use one to dry her hair. Her decision came from a new stylist who advocates for the Curly Girl Method. In addition to their "no-poo" rule (that's no shampoo with sulfates), the method recommends drying hair with old t-shirts in an approach called plopping.

Totally intrigued, even with the silly-sounding slogans, I did some research and found that plopping sounded like something I'd want to try for my curly hair as well. Learn all about it when you


In order to decrease drying time and frizz, instead of air or towel drying, try plopping:

  1. Spread a t-shirt or microfiber towel on a flat surface.
  2. Bend over with your head down until your hair is in the middle of the cloth.
  3. With your head touching the cloth, pull part of the material up so the back of your head is covered with it (to the nape of your neck.
  4. Twist the two sides to form sausage rolls (illustrations here) and clip them.
  5. Remove cloth after about 30 minutes to reveal less frizzy, "plopped" locks.

I'm trying to find a "plop and lock" joke here, but instead, I'll just ask if you've had any success with this method.

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