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10 "Facts" About Justin Bieber From His Someday Perfume Commercial 2011-05-24 12:45:09

10 Things We Learned About Justin Bieber From His New Perfume

Justin Bieber's launching a new fragrance, Someday ($45), in June, and his extensive ad campaign has really taught us all a lot about the Biebs. I've watched his commercial, looked at his print ads, and even downloaded his iPhone app to truly submerge myself in Bieb-osity. Want to get inside that meticulously coiffed head? Then just keep reading.

  • Justin is actually Peter Pan. Was I the last one to figure this out? I felt extremely silly when I saw him flying around, Wendy'ing up Dree Hemingway for his commercial. Now that I think of it, though, that totally explains the lack of a shadow.
  • He is physically addicted to the ingredients in his latest perfume. Admitting that you have a problem is the first step, and Justin has finally come out and said that he "can't get enough of [Someday] and can't stay away from [it]." I shudder to think what will happen next time this poor young man finds a bottle of the stuff.
  • Justin loves me. The Someday iPhone app told me so, and iPhone apps never lie. Sorry, current boyfriend and Selena Gomez, the minute Justin turns 18 we're running away to Saskatoon, where I will make him my groom.
  • Justin is a generous young pup. All the proceeds from Someday will go to charity.
  • Wearing Someday will make you feel like Justin is giving you a million seizure-inducing hickeys. But all romantic-like.
  • Justin would really like it if your mom wore his perfume. Keep your hands off my mother, Bieber! She is pure as the driven snow.
  • Justin is a connoisseur of Marc Jacobs's oeuvre. Just look at his homage in the Someday packaging. Either that, or both men really, really love Georgia O'Keeffe.
  • Justin literally cannot do anything without Usher. You think those guys from The Hangover are really good friends? Justin and Usher are like 18 times tighter. The same woman, Honorine Blanc, even created both their women's fragrances. Blanc has also created scents for Beyoncé, Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani, J Lo, and even Sarah Jessica Parker. From this, I can only hope that they all have weekend pool parties together.
  • Justin has his own very special Someday hashtag. #JBSomeday will be trending like crazy over the next month.
  • There is a Justin Bieber Someday launch countdown clock. There is also a Justin Bieber becomes of legal age countdown clock. Luckily, these two are unrelated.
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