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100 Layers of Liquid Lipstick Challenge

The "100 Layers of Matte Liquid Lipstick" Challenge Is Almost Painful to Watch

100 Layers of Liquid Lipstick Challenge

The latest trend to take over the beauty vlogging world is challenges. Women have been slathering their faces with copious amounts of highlighter, applying scary quantities of nail lacquer, and even applying 100 coats of foundation in the name of friendly competition. But somehow, the newest iteration on the fad — 100 layers of liquid lipstick — seems the most horrifying.

A handful of vloggers decided to slick on coat after coat of matte liquid lipstick, resulting in a crusty, painful-looking mess. Adding insult to injury, the process takes hours because each layer has to fully dry before the next one is applied. While the videos are not meant to be tutorials, we're cringing just thinking about the gals who will be inspired by this challenge — and all the poor pouts that will be subjected to this form of beauty torture.

Watch the videos and see the terrifying finished looks. Be sure to watch to the end: we were deeply relieved (and oddly satisfied) to see some of the vloggers peel off all the layers of color. Hopefully, they pampered their puckers with some supernourishing balm afterward!

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