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The $140 Pedicure, Explained

I just read a little blurb about pedicurist Bastien Gonzalez, who works on celebrities including Naomi Campbell and Gwyneth Paltrow and flies around the world to tend to the feet of the filthy rich. This translates to "18,688 miles traveled per week; 3 passports owned; 10 clients per day; 3,000 pedicures in 2006; 18 pedicurists trained last year; 10 pedicurists fired last year; and 1 buffing chamois used per month."

His fee for a pedicure? ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY DOLLARS. Plus tip. Now, I'm not the sort of girl who goes super-cheap on pedicures; I think it's worth paying a little more to ensure clean instruments and a safe environment for your feet. But $140? That seems pretty high, so I decided to investigate to see what this pedicure entails. To find out,

A friend joked that for $140, she wanted her feet to be soaked in diamond-filled water. No diamonds here, though. According to Gonzalez's pedicure concept, the procedure is a medical pedicure that removes corns and calluses using sterilized tools (such as scalpels, lancets and drills). From there, he shapes the nail, applies a buffing paste and rubs it with chamois. (It's a polish-free pedi.) Finally, there's a leg and foot massage.

I'll admit, that does sound pretty relaxing. But aside from the scalpel scraping, I think I could do much of this at home for next to nothing. Would I say that if I were able to afford his services? I like to think I'd still be frugal, but of course, most people who can afford a $140 pedicure wouldn't even blink at the cost. If that high-roller type is you, you can get on Gonzalez's waiting list here.


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