Like tans, natural brows, and blowouts, freckles are one of those things that beauty insiders seem to vacillate about with rapid speed. Some of the same companies who make products that fade freckles have also come out with and discontinued freckle pencils (Lancome, Chanel). Luckily for those of us who are fans of ephiledes (that's science for freckles), Charlotte Tilbury's brought them back at Matthew Williamson. "We're painting on a few little freckles across the nose and on the tops of the cheeks where the sun would naturally bring them out with a lip pencil called Hodgepodge by MAC," said Tilbury. "It's a fresh young look that's a bit naughty." So naughty, in fact, that she revealed how she painted them on Kate Moss on a few occasions. One caveat: "For real life, use waterproof pencil!"

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