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2010 Fragrance Trends 2010-01-30 05:00:00

Which 2010 Fragrance Trend Appeals to You Most?

From the fashion to food to decorating industries, and just about everything in between, it's all about trend forecasting. And as for the beauty industry, with the start of a new year freshly upon us, Bell's Flavor and Fragrances, a company that helps develop flavors, fragrances, and botanicals for the food, beverage, and cosmetic arenas, has just announced its top 10 fragrance trends for 2010.

If you recall, last year's trends were more along the fragrance category-type, but this year, it's a bit more specific. Of the 10 options below, mainly consisting of citrus and woodsy scents, which one appeals to your nose?

Source: Flickr User laudu

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