Lois Joy Johnson, who has been a beauty editor for 30 years, has obviously picked up in-depth knowledge of the industry along the way. And that's why she set out to share many of these great tidbits in her book, The Makeup Wakeup ($14). Johnson recently revealed some of her top makeup tips with us, from what not to do when applying, to what every woman should own in her collection. And now, she's letting us in on a few of her shopping tips. Does expensive mean better quality? Find out this and more, when you read more.

1. Expensive doesn't always mean better:
There are great products available at every price point, Johnson says. However, when it comes down to it, "a lot of the fabulous luxury brands are owned by the same company that owns the drugstore brands," she reveals.

2. Let Sephora be your playground:
"I think Sephora changed the way we think about makeup," Johnson explains. Adding, "It cut out the very intimidating counter women; nobody’s going to make you buy anything or insist you hurry up. It has given women a lot more freedom to try a lot of things and to mix brands."


3. Know when to stop:
"One of the things I really encourage women to do is stop adding to the collection. I think we hoard makeup," Johnson says. So clean out that makeup bag and let go of the stuff you're clinging on to. Besides, it's more hygienic anyway.

Source: Flickr User eriwst