I'm hoping you recognize these items — you should be using one daily to keep those pearly whites white. But, did you know those bristles can do even more beauty good? In addition to exfoliating lips for making gloss glide on smoothly, a toothbrush can come in handy. Check out three more tips that don't involve opening your mouth.

  • Hair: If you've spent time perfecting your blow out, yet still find some wispies left at your roots, add some hair gel to the brush. Make small, light strokes starting at your forehead to smooth back those bits without ruining a sleek look. Same thing goes with hair color — touch up just the roots for an easy, glove-free application!
  • Brows: Don't let unruly brows rule your life — spritz a brush lightly with hairspray and comb them back into place. Start at the center and work your way up and out in the direction of the hairs' growth for the best results.

See the last tip when you


  • Mascara: Clumps begone when you very gently sweep your lashes with a toothbrush to get the gobs out.

And, PS, please use a different, clean brush for all three!