Taming a cowlick can be an exercise in patience. A cowlick, which is caused by hair growing in a spiral pattern at the root, cannot be permanently fixed. Perhaps the best way to hide a cowlick is to point it out to your stylist and get the right cut to deal with it. But to find out the most effective no-scissors-involved solutions we've found,


  • Change your part. When hair is wet, brush the front section forward and part a few inches closer to your ear on the side of the cowlick. Apply a styling cream with a slight hold. New parts always take some getting used to, so give it a few days.
  • Wear your hair curly. This may seem like a "no duh" thing, but using a smaller size curling iron to make the noncowlick side have a little bend to it is an easy fix. Just make sure you don't go too overboard and end up looking like Farrah Fawcett back in the day.
  • Blow dry. Take the smallest round brush you can find to damp hair and blow dry, pulling hair straight up. Use a cool setting if you need to get close to your face — it's better for your hair anyway. Alternate which direction you are pulling hair and which side the blow dryer is on.
  • Flat iron. Again, exercise extreme caution when trying this and don't use the highest setting. Depending how close to the root your cowlick is, you may be able to use a narrow, small-sized flat iron to flatten. Keep it far away from your face!