You heard me right. Sure they help provide you with a daily dose of caffeine, but did you know that coffee filters can give you more than just a java jolt? I never thought of these everyday household items as more than just a basic way to assist in the preparation of drip coffee, so I was happy to discover other uses, particularly because they involve beauty. Here are a few:

  • Blot it out: Oil slicks be damned. Simply use a filter to blot excess shininess on the face.
  • Wax on: Cut into small rectangles, filters make a great substitute for waxing strips.
  • Nick of time: Got a bleeding nick from shaving? A little dab of the coffee filter will do ya.
  • Fogged up: Clean up a vanity or bathroom mirror with lint-free results.
  • Freshen up: Create a makeshift deodorizer by placing baking soda in a filter. Secure with a rubber band or twist tie. Simply place anywhere odor control is needed, like a drawer, trash bin, or pile of bathroom towels.