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If you're like me, you probably look at the price tag of Amore Pacific Time Response Pure Essence 100 Skin Renewal Serum and sloowwwly back away from the cosmetics counter. The spendy serum has a price tag of $500 for a one-ounce bottle. Yowza.

Fortunately, a story explains why the serum costs what it does—and consults experts to see if it's worth the cash. For instance:

Vegging out: More than 100 botanical ingredients fill every bottle. Yes, extracts of broccoli, grape and carrots may read more like a salad-bar menu than the components of an antiaging serum, but they help other active compounds penetrate the skin and counteract the effects of UV rays.
Expert opinion: [University of Alabama dermatology researcher] Santosh Katiyar supports using fruits and veggies on the face, but, he adds, they’re not exactly hard to come by and therefore shouldn’t be so costly.

Another dermatologist weighs in, too, and while both experts agree that the serum is a good one, the final consensus is that "the benefit of these ingredients doesn’t necessarily warrant the product’s cost." I can't say I'm surprised—what about you?

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