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7-Year-Old Gets Breast Implant Voucher, and a New Spa Services Toddlers

Boob Job Vouchers and Facials For Kids: Where Does the Crazy Start?

Little girls are increasingly aware of spa services and other "adult" beauty treatments, from Botox to breast implants. The question is, at what point does this interest in beauty become pernicious? Kids have always wanted nail polish and lipstick, and my dad even remembers asking his big sister to put lemon juice in his hair so he could be "blonder" like her when he was tiny, but recent reports of 7-year-olds receiving vouchers for breast augmentations and the "flippers," fake tans, and contact lenses on tiny children in Toddlers & Tiaras suggest there's been a marked shift in focus, specifically when it comes to little girls and attractiveness.

In the UK, things seem to be moving even more rapidly — a salon recently opened in Essex that offers facials, fake tans, and makeup specifically for girls ages 1 to 13. And while the idea of an infant wearing smoky eyes and red lipstick (maybe they could also add one of those baby wigs?) is kind of hilarious, it's also pretty disturbing for those who don't prefer newborns looking like a drunk Liza Minnelli. Where do you think we should draw the line? And is there a point at which making your daughter "pretty" is actually child abuse?

Source: Flickr User It Thinks It's People

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