Oh boy. Where to begin with last night's episode? I appreciate Tyra's attempt to educate the girls on Hawaiian history, and huzzah for highlighting different cultural blends, but what a misguided idea for a photo shoot! You'd think that for as well-traveled as Tyra is, she'd know that painting light-skinned girls dark is all kinds of Bad Idea Jeans. I kept hoping for one of the models to pipe up and say, "I don't feel comfortable wearing brownface," but no dice. Because of the facepalm nature of the photo shoot, I give this episode my lowest short-legged cat rating of the season. (Look at him! Even he can't believe it.) Anyway, see if you were paying attention to the beauty trivia last night, and then take Buzz's quiz, too.

this episode earns one measly milo:
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ANTM Beauty Quiz: "Let's Go Surfing"

When Erin is singing, what else is she doing?