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What a beautiful picture this would have been if, say, it were used to illustrate the dangers of lead paint ("Lead paint: It's not just bad, it's sad"). Alas, it was not enough for Marvita, who was sent home last night. As always, ANTM delivered the campy, in-questionable-taste goods. We learned that Whitney can't possibly be racist because her best friend is black, that Benny Ninja's buddies are shoe-stealing posers, and that Tyra will never pass up an opportunity to prove how she can show emotion with her eyes. Sheesh. Think you were paying attention last night? Test yourself with this week's ANTM beauty quiz.

Photo courtesy of The CW.

ANTM Beauty Quiz: Top Model Takes It to the Streets

Benny Ninja has an unusual hairstyle. What is it?

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Anabellatc Anabellatc 9 years
4/7...not bad :) But i agree, i laughed about the stolen shoes and the whole Tyra EYES thing...when is she gonna get over that? We get it the show!
elmosisi elmosisi 9 years
WHITNEY IS real condescending.
elmosisi elmosisi 9 years
tyra's liner was pretty Thick. I BEG TO DIFFER
kaenai kaenai 9 years
I really needed to add (re: Fatima) that even though not everyone shaves when they don't feel they need to (like when wearing long sleeves a lot, e.g., wintertime in Boston), she knew she'd be taking photos, and that eventually, people are going to see that mess. She knew better.
kaenai kaenai 9 years
I actually like Whitney, even with the new blonde 'do. She seems genuinely to be a nice girl. And frankly, you don't have to be racist to hate Dominique. I'm black, I'm also a single mother, and I can't stand the girl. Every time she opens her mouth, she makes me want to knock the hell out of her. Not to mention that every time someone tries to use race as an excuse in situations where it isn't warranted (and it really wasn't called for in this situation), it makes the rest of us look really stupid. I'll miss Marvita. She's the kind of girl you hope can actually gain something from the experience. I really hope she does. No comment on Fatima. I've seen a hundred girls like her (attitude and all), and the fact that she's from my town just gets me realizing that she's probably just like the rest of these girls around here - stuck-up (even though they'll call you stuck up for not wanting to be around that) and selfish. I hope she proves me wrong, though. I'd like to be wrong about something like that.
audreyxoxo audreyxoxo 9 years
5/7 colour of nail polish??? how am i supposed to get that? i guessed baby pink but i was wronggg
cocobutter11 cocobutter11 9 years
I missed it last night, but ANTM is my favorite show. I did not like Marvita very much so I am not upset.
AllaWallaBalla AllaWallaBalla 9 years
It kind of annoyed me that Dominique called Whitney a racist for no apparent reason. She obviously knew the huge stigma that came with and that it would create a lot of tension in the house. Perhaps it was cut out of the show (although I think not since it would make for great t.v.) but I fail to see any instances where Whitney's behavior could be interpreted as racism. I think she just dislikes Dominique but I don't see Dominique as THE representative for African Americans as a group! And for the record, I HATE Dominique so I must be the biggest racist of all.
belladande belladande 9 years
The queens. The stolen shoes. LMAO!
honeycreepshow honeycreepshow 9 years
Love Whitney, hate Dominique. She's rude and SHE'S the one who looks like she's 30... every time we watch ANTM together my mom always says "She looks like she's my age!"
tigerlover tigerlover 9 years
Missyd i totally agree. i thought my eyes were playing tricks on me cuz fatima was sooo skinny. i kinda understand wat tyra was saying. i just think that she is getting these girls ready for the world of fashion and modeling. i mean she demonstrated and everything so i just think she is trying to help these girls out. i would rather have some one like HER helping me than just sending me out into the real world expecting me to know everything. u no?
missyd missyd 9 years
I HAVE to say this though (last night was my first full watch this season); FATIMA is the skinniest girl i have EVER seen. EVER! Like, I didnt even think it was humanly possible to be that skinny!!!!!!!!! And I thought Jaslene was bad? whoa............
brittanyk brittanyk 9 years
I felt bad for Marvita this week. The look on her face in that picture says it all. I loved Fatima's picture, I thought it was definitely one of the best. I honestly didn't notice the arm pit hair until they talked about it for the next ten minutes. I guess I just don't pay very close attention :-p I used to love ANTM, but the cattiness this season is just annoying me.
Beauty Beauty 9 years
Agreed, Missyd. I was rooting for Marvita, but I think Tyra had it right: She gave up before she could be rejected, which is sad.
missyd missyd 9 years
HA HA HA... 'Crouch down and be tall' Thats funny, its exactly something she would say. Sometimes I think she's a nut job. But, a smart nut job who is worth millions. I was kind of hoping they'd sens Marv home....I dont think she is as into it as the other girls. That Whitney girl really needs to get down off her high horse, though.
Leilanic1 Leilanic1 9 years
i felt bad for her because on one hand they are telling her that she needs to soften up and show more emotion but then she is uncertain as to how to do that. i laughed out loud when Tyra said that thing with the squinty eyes..what???
SugarKim4203 SugarKim4203 9 years
Poor Marvita. She just looks like a lost puppy in that picture. I love this show (and the bella quizes the next day) but I was really annoyed when Tyra mentioned that squinting thing and said "I'm doing it I'm doing it I'm doing it, and I'm done." Shut up!
GiggleSugar GiggleSugar 9 years
5 outta 7 aint bad! Poor Marvita. She seems a little lost, but like Lauren, she also doesn't seem like she knows how beautiful she is. That, to me, is hot. Also...squinting with your eyes wide? Tyra's commands become more and more impossible. Next, it's going to be, "Crouch down and be tall." Umm, whatevs, Tyra! Whatevs....
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