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Acne Advice

What's Your Best Acne-Fighting Advice?

We've talked about the worst skin care advice you've ever received before, but now I want to know the good stuff. When it comes to acne, there are a whole slew of treatments that exist, ranging from old wives' tales to doctor-recommended prescriptions. Some work, while others clearly don't, and that's why we're asking your opinion. Whether it's a just a few pimples or full-blown acne, we want to know what remedies have worked for you. Share your wisdom with us in the comments below.

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tamaleconsalsa tamaleconsalsa 5 years
1. Drink PLENTY of water. this will help keep skin healthy, soft and supple. it helps wash out impurities in your body and keeps you hydrated. 2. Get plenty of sleep. Your body needs time and adequate rest in order to recharge. Your skin is the largest organ on your body, and without sufficient rest, it doesn't get to recharge. Stress, bad diet, and lack of sleep will manifest itself in a physical sense, and usually the first thing to appear is acne, and sallow skin! 3. Don't overdo it. Applying too many drying agents can actually make your skin condition worse! Seek the help of a health professional if the problem is overwhelming, but be nice to your skin. If you over dry it, your skin will react by creating MORE oil, making the problem worse.
Telisha Telisha 5 years
don't over wash, esp with drying ingredients. i always thought i had a major acne problem because i got few pimples. so i tried to kill 'em all with anti-acne products. once i started using a gentle, moisturizing wash in the morning and a wash with saylicic acid at night plus exfoliating i started to see much better results. smoother skin, less zits, and better overall appearance. i also stopped using a moisturizer with salycilic acid and opted for a basic gel without oil.
anabelgg anabelgg 6 years
The best thing to do is leave it alone. I found the quickest and least harmful way of dealing with breakouts is to keep the face as clean as possible and dab on Mario Badescu's Drying lotion at night: Non-abrasive cleansers like Spectro and Cetaphil are great. If it's severe acne, I found that a low grade retinol cream works just to clear your skin from the inside out but it can dry your skin so you have to be very careful.
Skeptic52 Skeptic52 7 years
Oh, and dermatologists tout all the time that cleansers aren't really on your skin long enough to "medicate". They're great for cleaning or debris and such, but that's about it. If your skin is in need of medication, it has to be a gel or lotion, something that stays on the skin long enough to effect it.
Skeptic52 Skeptic52 7 years
I NEVER had acne until I went off the pill. But, it was worth the trade off. After I quit, though, I started getting a bunch of little pimples all over my face. I've tried the expensive 3-step lines. Those are a waste of money for me. I tried a ton others. I ended up loving the benzoyl peroxide "gel" (it's more like a cream that hardens) knock-off the grocery store sells. Clean & Clear is the original, HEB (the popular grocery stores here in Austin) sell the same thing for less than $4. A few times a week I use the cheap mint julep mask you can get at any drug store. There's this awesome girl online that does makeup tutorials. I love her stuff. Anyway, she suggested that and was totally right. I now have next to no acne with those two products. Even when I's so tiny no one can tell, and I have to run my hand over it to feel it. It's invisible, really, especially under a light foundation.
collegeinstyle collegeinstyle 7 years
My best advice is: when you've tried various over the counter products and they don't work, make an appointment with your dermatologist! I tried many over the counter products from Neutrogena, Clean & Clear, etc. but my acne situation never improved. Finally, I went to my dermatologist and he prescribed me with BenzaClin, this topical antibacterial lotion (AnnaLynne McCord of "90210" apparently uses it too). Now my skin is sooo much better. I still get a few occasional breakouts but my skin is clear most of the time.
kirstnish kirstnish 7 years
I hear what your saying emmillini!! I love Simple! Especially the new the mango moisturizer and facewash! Mango is my favorite fruit and smells great! I hate the idea of chemicals on my skin, natural and simple is best! Its helped my skin look so much fresher and so less need for heavy makeup!!
emmilini emmilini 7 years
I started using the Simple cleansing range, as they have no harsh chemicals and its great for sensitive skin. I tried to avoid using products with loads of unnecessary stuff in it as I think this agitates it more, and avoid putting loads of heavy make up on. Its helped clear my skin up.
LightningBug LightningBug 7 years
*Thanks Mom!
LightningBug LightningBug 7 years
dreamalittledream dreamalittledream 7 years
Eating healthier food and steering clear of sweets and processed food. I'm 23 and still had breakouts; I'm on a diet and eating fresh food and I haven't had a breakout yet (3 weeks!)
mgaray mgaray 7 years
I have suffered from acne since I was 12 years old. Right now, I have couple of breakouts a month, but I am mainly fighting many stubborn whiteheads that appear every day. My skin is very very oily so I guess that's one of the reasons. Anyway, I think acne is hormonal so in addition to the daily regimen you need to take oral medication prescribed by the dermatologist (I used Accutane). I have tried Cethaphil as cleanser and Neutrogena mosturizer but I didn't reaaly like them. Right now, I found some good Avon products that I love. My daily regimen: In the morning: 1. Avon Clearskin cleanser (2% salicilic acid) 2. Avon Magix Face perfector 3. Avon Cream to Powder Foundation At night: 1. Avon cleanser 2. Avon astringent solution (2% salicilic acid) 2. Emu oil + lavander oil (I wash off after 20 min by presing a hot towel onto my face) I am going to order Avon's new daily and night moisturizer for oily skin and see how that goes. Hope this helps
Jacattack Jacattack 7 years
Definitely Lots of washing (at least twice a day) and also LOTs of moisturizing but only with non comodogenic and even moisturizer with salicylic acid is great. Exfoliate every 10 days.
poofie126 poofie126 7 years
I don't know how widely available this is, but I ALWAYS reach for my Nexcare Acne Patch by 3M. These are basically little round soft plasticky dots that you stick on the pimple. You're supposed to use these on a clean pimple without any product whatsoever on before. The Acne Patch works two ways: it absorbs the excess sebum from th pimple and around it and also all the icky stuff for quick healing; and it protects the pimple from grime dirt. It works wonderfully for me! I have yet to find a pimple cream that both works AND doesn't dry out my skin, so this is the perfect solution! ohhh added bonus: this stops all your itching fingers from popping the pimple :)
Antioxidant Antioxidant 7 years
Some of you have mentioned Apple Cider Vinegar. Well, try mixing a teaspoon or two in a glass of water and slowly drinking it. I honestly think this has helped my skin (along with the 10% benzoyl peroxide) and a lot of other things (pain management, bloating, digestive aid). I swear by this stuff and have for a few years now!
momtomomhealth momtomomhealth 7 years
Acne can be tricky and you can treat it naturally as the chemicals in acne products can be harsh to your skin. Oatmeal can be made as a facial mask to help clear your acne. It draws impurities deep within your skin and absorbs all the excess oil which causes the acne. You mix your oatmeal and slather it all over your face for about ten minutes, rinse and voila! Tea tree oil and jojoba oil are used for problem areas as well. Zosimos Botanicals and Samantharoma have very effective blemish busters! (and they're all natural) Check it out
misssarah misssarah 7 years
The BEST thing for my skin is a mix of the Clarisonic Mia with Murad products, specifically the Age Reform line. The exfoiliating benefits of the Mia and the AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser are lifesavers for my skin, especially during my monthly breakouts due to hormones. Every wash leaves it looking refreshed and smooth. I only do this at night though. Morning time is a gentle wash with the Murad refreshing cleanser and then finish with the skin perfecting lotion. I get compliments all the time.
Manda-Wanda Manda-Wanda 7 years
I dillute a tsp. of apple cider vinegar in 1 tbs. water and dab on to zit-- it reduces the redness and dries up the zit extremely fast-- within a day it's gone!
Spbhum Spbhum 7 years
I often had acne. And very little list of medicines worked for me. But later I found out a simple trick can wipe it. There are some rules: 1. Wash you face with gels, for combination to greasy skin, twice daily 2. Use a toner (which not moisturing) to close the pores 3. Use no cream that says "moisturize". 4. Wiping off with tissue paper doesn't help many times 5. Drink 8-10 glasses of water daily 6. Eat less oily food. Use good oil like olive oil. 7. Please avoid too many chocolates I used Clinique and Lancome products and they are very good, although they are price. Clinique has a moisturizer for oily skin, which according to me is very very good. And now I don't have acne....
FiAle09 FiAle09 7 years
I recently started using this cleanser called CeraVe, they also make a moisturizer. Both are the most amazing discoveries, ever! You can get them on My mild acne has disappeared along with the black heads on my t-zone and the terrible break-outs I'd get when I had my period. My mother has eczema, and it really helps her skin. Also, I suffer from mild Keratosis pilaris on my arms, and this has cleared it right up. Definitely worth a try for both of them, the cleanser doesn't sting your eyes or skin and feels silky smooth. The moisturizer you only use a little drop, it spreads so well and is the best moisturizer I've ever found.
tralala2 tralala2 7 years
not sure if anyone is reading one another's posts. acne is hormonal. most of our hormones are way out of balance. try omega 3-6-9 from cold water fish source. it will put your hormones in balance, clear up your face. tighten your pores. people are going on highly toxic accutane, which is damaging to the liver. try omega instead.
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