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Actors in Blackface: Is It Ever OK?

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Actors in Blackface: Is It Ever OK? Product Fiend asks a heavy-duty question: "Most recently, Robert Downey, Jr. donned blackface for his role as a method actor who dyes his skin for a part in Tropic Thunder, and then there's the matter of Fred Armisen playing Barack Obama on Saturday Night Live . . ."

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jenna21 jenna21 8 years
What about Dave Chappelle acting "white" on the Chappelle show? He even goes so far as to paint his face and wear a blond wig. I see no problem with this at all as long as it is used in good taste. If we are to get rid of racism then we should learn to embrace our cultures and heritage and try to take things a little more lightly.
bastylefilegirl bastylefilegirl 8 years
Black Face has a taboo associated and rightfully so. For me it's not as much the color on the skin but the "acting black" promoting stereotypes that tick me off.
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