This year, the Fragrance Foundation has nominated three of Many Aftel's fragrances for prestigious FiFi Awards. Mandy's fragrances are truly all natural, and most of her ingredients are organically sourced, so wearing them is a very different experience if you're used to synthetics the way I am. I gave all three of her FiFi finalists (Candide, Honey Blossom, and Lumiere) a wear, so to see what I thought of each, just keep reading.

Candide: Candide is a warm, sunny blend of jasmine and citrus. It's an extremely happy perfume that opens with a big burst of heady jasmine and blood orange accented with hints of pepper. It strikes the perfect balance between gourmand and floral. I can actually taste the orange zest on the roof of my mouth when I breathe it in, and it really is mouthwatering. As it dries down, it becomes earthier, more sensual, with the narcotic presence of frankincense and myrrh. It's lovely because it's such a bright floral, but there's still plenty about it that's "dirty".

Honey Blossom: A softer, more rounded floral than Candide, Honey Blossom seeks to showcase the enchanting scent of linden flowers. It opens a bright linden blossom, then matures to a soft, resinous honeysuckle, elegantly amalgamating the nectar of the flowers with the warm glow of ambergris. It's a classic feminine scent, perfectly blended and beautiful.

Lumiere: Lumiere is one of those scents you simply can't stop sniffing. It's so utterly different than anything you'd expect, and extremely olfactorily fascinating. It has a delicious chemical hint of petrol at times, but beneath that there's the light, lovely scent of green tea and sweet honeysuckle. It dries down to a subtle, sexy skin scent that lingers all day, undetectable unless someone leans in for a kiss.