When you think of discount supermarket chain Aldi, premium European skincare lines probably don't come to mind. Well, think again. The German-based retailer just began selling Lacura, an award winning private-label skincare line in its US stores. The Lacura collection features 16 items, including cleansers, toners, facial creams, eye creams/gels, lip balm, and facial masks. The most insane part? The products fall within the $2 to $5 range.

If you like creamy-based cleansers, the Hydrating Facial Cleanser ($3) is for you. I also tried the Hydra Complete Cream ($5), an effective lightweight moisturizer that smells like sea minerals — and it's blue. I have to admit I'm impressed with the overall quality and selection of the Lacura products, especially with ingredients like coenzyme Q10, provitamin B5, bioflavonoids, and hydrating sea minerals in the mix. To find out what my favorite items were,


My two favorite products were the Moisturizing Eye Cream ($4), which had a not-too-sticky and not-too-slippery consistency, and the Gentle Lip Care Pearl & Shine (three for $2), a balm that gave my lips a bit of a light pink sparkle. But next time I'll pass on the Hydra Complete Mask ($3), which had too much of a wet texture for my liking. All-in-all, Lacura is a very pleasant line, and for the extremely low prices, it's certainly worth trying.