Ali MacGraw
Bella Donna: Ali MacGraw

Born in Westchester, New York in 1939, Ali MacGraw began her career as a photo assistant at Harper's Bazaar in 1960 and soon became the legendary fashion editor Diana Vreeland's assistant at Vogue. She famously starred in the commercial for Polaroid's Swinger Camera (R.I.P.) in the late 1960s. However, MacGraw didn't gain popularity as an actress until the 1970 film Love Story. Her portrayal of witty, working-class Radcliffe student Jennifer Cavelleri earned her an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress.

Though MacGraw didn't have any major blockbusters since, she is widely regarded as a style icon. Her trademark low-key look consisted of perfect skin, little makeup and superbly glossy hair, often under a wool beanie cap that became known as the "Ali Cap." With her olive skin and dark hair, MacGraw inspired many — including makeup maven Bobbi Brown — in an era where blue-eyed blondes dominated magazines and television. After battles with alcohol, a role on Dynasty, and a very successful yoga video, MacGraw now sticks to performing in theater productions, most recently in a 2006 production of Festen. And, of course, to serving as the inspiration for many beauty and fashion devotees.

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