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Amanda Palmer's Map of Tasmania Attacks Shaving Body Hair

Amanda Palmer Just Says No to Shaving

Rocker Amanda Palmer has a PSA: shaving off your pubic hair to conform is "so wack." Her new video for "Map of Tasmania" is a fierce (and sparkly) rebuttal to those who say hair-free is the only way to be. It makes a good point: women are often faced with derision if they don't shave, and that's totally wrongheaded.

On the other hand, Amanda comes off as very aggressively anti-shorn in this song, saying that women without pubic hair "look like an eight-year-old," adding "it's sad." As someone who genuinely likes smooth skin, I was a little bummed at the put-downs. It's undermining and seems out of character, especially since just last year, Amanda told The New York Times: "You know what’s really cool? Wake up every morning, decide what you feel like doing, and do it." Well, I woke up and decided, and I'm pretty happy with it; I just wish Amanda was, too. What do you think about the "necessity" to shave? And if you want to see Amanda's (extremely, really NSFW but fun) video, just keep reading.

Photo courtesy Amanda Palmer

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