Even if you're not into wearing jeggings and discussing the relative merits of Mark Knopfler lyrics, this is good news. American Apparel released an 18-shade collection of nail polish a few months back to rave reviews (and a short recall, though the issues have since been fixed). The initial line was also chock-full of good dupes — Mouse ($6) is thisclose to Chanel Particuliere ($23). We are seriously coveting some of the new colors, so to check the new shades out, just keep reading.

There's much to like about the new shades, particularly L'Esprit ($6), a very pretty blue-tinged white, and Malibu Green ($6). AA has been expanding its range lately from the horribly unflattering leotards of yore, and it seems like it's moving toward a slightly more inclusive product lineup. So here's my question for those of you who need more arch support than a pair of Chucks can provide and have never listened to Ra Ra Riot: do you think you'll be into these shades, or is the taint of Dov Charney just too much?