The other day, a friend of mine stopped by with a bottle of Anna Sui Nail Color ($13). Instead of her getting excited over the shine, the shade, or about its long-lasting quality, she was kvelling about the smell. I reluctantly took a whiff, sure that the fumes would knock out the next generation of growing brain cells, but I was pleasantly surprised that the scent was masked by a floral scent.

Apparently, most of Anna's products are enhanced with tea rose and peony extract. She has a fondness for roses — remember those wicked lip gloss rings I talked to you about last year?

Tea rose has been proven to help alleviate stress, calm nerves and revitalize and uplift the senses. It also helps reduce the symptoms of hay fever and allergies (sounds like it contains a natural antihistamine). Peony extract comes from the foot of the flower and it helps moisturize and keep your nail beds healthy.

My friend gave herself an at-home manicure and she's reported that it's already day four and so far there's been no chipping or peeling — it must be the flower power! Are you interested in checking out any of the 39 colors in Anna Sui's nail color range?