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As close readers know, my waxer keeps raising prices, and I've been looking for a new place for deforestation. A new waxing salon called Stript recently opened, and although its prices are too high for me, I'm intrigued by a service it provides. Along with regular waxing services, Stript offers Epilar, an add-on service that promises to permanently reduce hair regrowth.

Here's how it works: After your hair is waxed/tweezed/threaded away, an esthetician applies the Epilar gel on skin. (Unlike, say, laser hair removal methods, it works on all skin colors.) The enzymes in the soy-based gel break down hair follicles painlessly. This process needs to be repeated in five- to six-week intervals, but there should be less hair growth by the fourth treatment. The entire cycle takes one or two years, and depending on the body part, it can cost $25 to $175 a pop. I haven't tried Epilar, and it obviously doesn't fit in with my "spend less on waxing" plan, but it's intriguing to say the least.

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Beauty Beauty 8 years
Hmm. I'll try that, Mikaela81. Thanks for the tip!
Mikaela81 Mikaela81 8 years
Both my sister & myself are estheticians, and we are constantly waxing (and luckily we have, light, fine hair!). After waxing I always use Aveeno's positively smooth moisturizing lotion. It's got soy in it, which is the same principle as the epilar treatment. You can use it yourself - everyday, and it's extremely inexpensive! I keep wondering why Aveeno hasn't come out with a soy based deodorant... I'm been using Dove's since it came out in May, but I don't think it's really doing much (it's based on sunflower oil, to make the hair 'softer & less visible' um... I just want it gone!).
lifeisfabu19 lifeisfabu19 8 years
this is pretty intresting. I think I might check this out ;)
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