With Father's Day just three weeks away, there's no time like the present to start thinking about gifts for dear old dad. I was given a tube of Anthony Logistics Shave Cream ($16) to test out, but I thought it was a little bit silly for a gal to review such an important grooming staple for a guy. So I decided to give it to my better half to report back more accurate, male-minded findings.

He loved the fact that it was really slimy, that it spreads easily, and that you don't need very much to cover your entire face and neck. Apparently the slick and slimy quality (which kinda made me cringe) is a good thing for men; it means that the lotion connects to your face, providing a less-irritating shave. He felt that it stayed with the blade for the entire stroke, unlike other brands, which can skip and cause nicks.

The only drawback, in his opinion, was the lack of menthol. He appreciates the way menthol has a cooling and soothing aftereffect, which distracts him from the hot, burning sensation that goes along with shaving. At this price for a designer cosmetic product for men, I am definitely interested in stocking up for Dad. How about you?