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Anthony Youn on Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Race, and Plastic Surgery 2011-08-23 10:55:01

A Plastic Surgeon Speaks Honestly About Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Dr. Anthony Youn gave a great and enlightening interview on NPR yesterday about plastic surgery, body dysmorphic disorder, and the fallout from living in a world with narrowly defined (and stereotypically Caucasian) beauty ideals. Youn, a prominent plastic surgeon who appears on Rachael Ray's show, himself had a painful jaw reduction surgery at age 17, so he's keenly aware of the pressure to conform that our society places on young people of color.

It's a fascinating listen, especially if you've ever wondered about the intersection of body image and race. Listening to Youn, you realize that the most unhealthy social norms are oftentimes literally written across our faces, and how imperative it is for us to create a more inclusive model of beauty.

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Annie-Tomlin Annie-Tomlin 5 years
I think individuals can definitely make a difference, and can effect change by speaking up. Support diverse media/brands by emailing them when they do something that you like, for instance. Let brands know that you want to see more diversity in their commercials and campaigns. Jezebel does a great job of pointing out designers (Tracy Reese, Phillip Lim, DVF) who cast their shows from a wide range of ethnicities and races; they also point out designers who do a woeful job of it. The more dialogue there is, the more progress we can make toward a broader ideal of beauty. Regarding the media... as corny as this might seem, the Oprah magazine does a great job of featuring women of different sizes, ages, and races. I really love seeing accomplished women in its pages.
bryseana bryseana 5 years
It was said that people should appreciate diversity. That's a great idea, but it seems like the world of media (movies, magazines, commercials, etc..) don't celebrate diversity. It's like telling people to do one thing when the world does something else.
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